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Destroy, Build, Destroy, PARTY

Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood rapid declinespeak no evilRegistered User regular
edited April 2009 in Singularity Engine++
Andrew WK is set to host a live-action show on Cartoon Network called Destroy Build Destroy. No, I'm not kidding.
Andrew W.K. has a new gig involving metal: The rocker will host Cartoon Network's live-action reality competition Destroy Build Destroy, has learned. Each week two teams of teens -- with the help of experts, wrecking balls, and explosions -- obliterate some sort of large-scale vehicle or machine, then create something entirely different out of it. The winners get to annihilate the losers' work. Destroy Build Destroy will debut this summer.
I'm sure there will be significant amounts of PARTYING as well.

So is this idea just crazy enough to work, or will the ratio of destroying to partying and building not be even enough? Will there be an awesome performance of I Get Wet during the climactic destruction scene?

Most importantly, will there be cheetos?


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