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Linksys Wireless Router Trouble [Solved]

ForarForar #432Already prepping for Toronto Fan Expo!Registered User regular
edited May 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
So, my girlfriend brought over her laptop (with wireless card) and a Linksys wireless router (model WRT54GL v1.1).

The good news is that we plugged it in, plugged in my computer, and both it and her laptop are working just fine.

The bad news; it's not secure. Knowing how bad an idea having an insecure wireless connection is, we strove to change the settings on it, but unfortunately it won't accept the default password. The last time it was properly set up was years ago at her fathers place, and while neither he nor she believe the password was changed, and yet here I am.

So, first off; does anyone know if Linksys changed their default password (no username, password: admin), if for this model or another?

Failing that, I could hit the Reset button, but we're wondering if that would require the CD or anything else to properly set it up from the factory settings, or if it'd just be "put in 'admin', re-set up router, ..., profit"?

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