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So I burned off half my face

StraightziStraightzi The rock, the vulture, and the chainAll that the proud can feel of painRegistered User regular
edited May 2009 in Singularity Engine++
The other night, I was at a bonfire party in the middle of the woods, and in the process of trying to breathe fire using a fair quantity of grain alcohol, lit my face on fire. I suffered first and second degree burns on my face, hand, and chest, and have to take ridiculous care of them all now, but on the plus side, I'm told it looked really cool when I did it (I had lit my hand on fire by covering it with alcohol and dunking it into the bonfire, and then spit over my hand, creating a huge gout of fire).

So this kinda sucks, and is probably one of the dumbest and coolest ways I've injured myself with fire.

And I know that you assholes also enjoy injuring yourselves and cool stories and fire.

So let's hear them

Straightzi on


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