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[Recruiting!](Mongoose)Traveller:The Spinward Marches.

Erich ZahnErich Zahn Registered User regular
edited June 2009 in Critical Failures

I would love to play this, but I don't have any books!
Worry not, the Traveller System Reference Document is here to help.

But there's only one career listed, and some of the other stuff is missing.

I will send the rest to you, if and only if you express interest in this campaign.

Sign up, give timezones/etc and we will be ready to go.

After telling a friend that I was refereeing Traveller, he gave me a copy of The Spinward Marches, by Mongoose, So, we are ready to go, I will take 6-8 players, I would prefer IRC but will do PbP if necessary.

He also has a copy of Mercenary "Somewhere", presumably in his godforsaken attic or crawlspace. D:

Let's just stick with the SRD for mercenary.

The DM:GMT-7(Denver) whatever time I can play.

1.Wildcat GMT+1(Summer time)
2.Premier Kakos GMT -7 Denver time.
3.GalagaGalaxian GMT-8? Pacific. Saturday=Out

Rule one of Traveller is that you do not COMPLAIN about the lack of post-scarcity, FTL comms, autolaserguns that never miss, transhumanism and other stupid shit that only gets in the way of having an enjoyable game.

Rule two is that you don't call certain alien races a disparaging five letter name. Those people didn't exist when Traveller was made.

Skill Packages are spoilered below for convenience:

Player Specific Resources: MY LIFE FOR A GOOD PDF EDITOR.

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