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You can't handle the truth, THUS I DARE YOU TO LIE!

LoomdunLoomdun Registered User
edited May 2009 in Singularity Engine++
Hello, I am now rping *as I walk in the room, I look around. My scarf falling to the ground. A single breeze that breaks through the fat rolls of the hideously o-beast man in the corner gives a gentle waft in the air. As my perfect locks of hair blow in the wind*

Now I am describing this thread, which generally is TRUTH OR DAREEEEEE. But because this is the Social entropy thread odds are it'll contain 20% truth or dare, 60% conversation, and 20% of why loomdun is a shit head.

I ask truth or dare, then someone says truth.. or dare? Then after they do what is tasked to them. (hum, I don't know what to do if someone asks for penis/vagina/boob pictures) they get to ask and someone else can volunteer.

something terrible is going to happen. And I already feel like i left something out.



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