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Australia Meetup Thread

VivixenneVivixenne aDAWRable!Registered User regular
edited July 2009 in Singularity Engine++
All right dudes, the former PerthPAX thread is now the official Australian Meetup Thread, wherein all meetups and "miniPAXes" in Australia are listed by city, and included are links to recaps for earlier gatherings!

HOW TO USE THIS OP: if your city name is colored ORANGE, it means there's an upcoming event available in the spoiler, and the next one is happening on the date appearing next to the city name (if confirmed)! Attendee names in BOLD means that this is the first gathering they are attending, while those that have been crossed out are cancellations. Times, dates, and locations are where everyone is expected to MEET and does not necessarily detail where things will end up.

To sign up for an event, post your interest in this thread so that I can see it, and consider letting the listed Contact know via PM as well.

Feel free to initiate an event just by posting in this thread or PMing me with details, and I will edit them in here and update the title.

Check this post frequently for updates on events and stuff, please feel free to join us at any event at any location if you'll be available!






For people I have listed as CONTACT(S) for each event, please let me know what your preferred method of contact is (i.e., if you're okay with having your mobile number posted in this OP), otherwise by default I will just have people contact you via PM.



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