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[miniphalla] The Scarlet Devil and the Witch Thief - Scarlet Devil Victory!

Dac VinDac Vin Reimu Hakurei sat in her shrine because she was on the internet.Registered User regular
edited June 2009 in Critical Failures
This game is paranoid phalla game.


This is an emergency! A unprecedented serious affair! All servants, be all ears to what I will say!

We've got intruders! Intruders, in MY mansion! Oh but you tell me, we get intruders all the time, and the matter is usually resolved with them not being heard from again, but THIS time it's different! This time, the intruders are a danger to all of us! They will kill us all and feast on our corpse if they have their ways! And worst of all, they have already infiltrated us – as I speak, they pose as normal servants, waiting for their opportunity to strike at me!

Thus, be wary! And be vigilant! And root out those pests!

So, this is a miniphalla based on the Touhou Project. If you don't really know what a phalla is, come this way or that way. If you are unfamiliar with Touhou, you can either check out the wiki for the series here, or the TVTropes article here. (Knowledge of the series isn't required, but it will enhance the experience)

All normal rules apply. Any screencaps and direct quotes of role PMs is not tolerated, as is anonymous contact and communication with the dead. Also, link me to any proboards made during this game.

Apart from a few weird superficial mechanics, this should be a very standard phalla. If you have any clarifications, just ask them in Orange.Though I can say, public reveals are a very bad idea, so don't tempt fate.

Inactivity Clause: Taking it easy will not be tolerated. I expect at least two posts and a vote; failing one of these requirements will net you a warning, while failing both will get you either replaced or killed off immediately.

Each day normally ends at 10pm EDT/2am GMT/7pm PDT. Narration should come at most 30 minutes after that.

Sign up in any colour you like. We will begin the game when we are ready, though I accept reserve whenever they comes.

  1. Whod - Koakuma (Mason) Intruder beating - Day 5
  2. Wildcat - Servant - Intruder beating - Day 5
  3. Daius - Cirno (Neutral) - Intruder beating - Day 2
  4. ProfMoriarty - Alice Margatroid (Intruder) - Vote beating - Final Day
  5. Arasaki - Servant - Vigilante beating - Day 3
  6. Trust - Servant - Vote beating - Day 3
  7. Julius Caezure - Servant - Intruder beating - Day 4
  8. GrimmyTOA - Yukari Yakumo (Intruder) - Vote beating - Day 5
  9. kime - Servant - Survivor
  10. Spectrum - Servant - Intruder beating - Day 3
  11. Dusda - Marisa Kirisame (Intruder) - Vote beating - Day 5
  12. SpectralSpork - Reimu Hakurei (Intruder) - Vote beating - Day 4
  13. cj iwakura - Flandre Scarlet (Vigilante) - Survivor
  14. Zandracon - Servant - Vigilante beating - Day 1
  15. dunedainjedi - Servant - Survivor
  16. [strike]JaysonFour[/strike] Darian - Servant - Vigilante beating - Day 4
  17. Figgy - Hong Meiling (Guardian) - Survivor
  18. Mr. Defecation - Servant - Vote beating - Day 2
  19. Dunadan019 - Servant - Vote beating - Day 1
  20. vertroue - Servant - Inactivity beating - Day 2
  21. [strike]lonelyahava[/strike] B:L - Servant - Intruder beating - Day 3
  22. SkyCaptain - Servant - Vigilante beating - Day 2
  23. Rend - Patchouli Knowledge (Mason) - Intruder beating - Day 2
  24. Raakam - Servant - Intruder beating - Day 1
  25. Rainfall - Sakuya Izayoi (Seer) - Intruder beating - Day 4

  1. [strike]B:L[/strike]


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Final Day

You are a servant of the Scarlet Devil.

Among you, the intruders are hiding. Every day, you will discuss this with other fellow servants, and vote for the person you believe is part of them. You win when all the intruders are gone.

About ties: Whoever had the highest votecount before the tie occurs get offed.

Dac Vin on


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