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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "All men are created equal (except those guys over there)

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The terrorists have a learned a new WMD, and we can't even see it!
Forum: Debate and Discourse
Post: All men are created equal (except those guys over there)
Posted by: KalTorak

Original Content:
OptimusZed wrote: »
Speaker wrote: »
KalTorak wrote: »
Some senators wonder what would have happened if Khaled Sheikh Mohammad, a self-confessed architect of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, had been read his Miranda rights.


He would have gone, "really, I can remain SILENT!? I never thought of that! No confession for you, suckas!"

I'm sure the professional interogators have never run up against someone who wanted to remain silent.
"I'm sorry sir. He mimed the lip zipper and everything. This is a dead end."

"Wait a minute, he's still holding the- DON'T YOU THROW THAT KEY AWAY! DAMNIT!"
"Did anyone see where it went?"
"Goddamnit, it better not have gone under the fridge again."

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