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Yellow and Green and Blue

SnoogySnoogy Registered User
edited December 2006 in Graphic Violence
So, in Rebirth Kyle explains that the reason the rings didn't work on yellow is because there is an emotional spectrum that runs along side the electromagnetic one, with colors corisponding to emotions. Yellow was fear, Green for willpower. This is apparently the canon explination for Paralax et al.

My thought was that if these are universal terms (and they must be for yellow to always be the weakness for the rings) then what does that suggest about Superman? He gets his power from the yellow sun, and his weakness is green kryptonite. It suggests that Supes gets his power from peoples fear, but gets weak in the face of people who make an effort to stand up to him

it would make for a fun Elseworlds story; Superman: the Hero who Bullys!

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