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Kodu: WHABAM! offline co-op game creation on your Xbox

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This is Microsoft's happy family funtime game creation thing available right now through Xbox Live Community Games (soon to be Indie Games) for 400 points.

Taking this from Eurogamer
Microsoft Research's Kodu Game Lab has launched on the Xbox Live Community Games channel.

It costs 400 Microsoft Points (GBP 3.40 / 4.80) and grants the tools to build - quickly and simply - the game of one's dreams. A bit like LittleBigPlanet, but without the restriction of building within an existing game's framework.

There are over 200 different programming features to pick, an image-based creator to prettify with, and the ability to share your creations with any Xbox Live friend.

Kodu packs several tutorials to walk creators through the process, plus a handful of sample games to use as examples. Co-op play for up to four friends can be used, as can multiplayer for up to eight. There's a choice of 20 different characters each with unique abilities as well.

Apparently there's a blog with more info, but it doesn't want to load for me at the moment

And a rather empty wiki (fill it with useful information!)

Go! Download and make stuff!

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