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[G&T] Free Games *UPDATED*

HadjiQuestHadjiQuest Registered User regular
The last free game thread made me want to put together a free game sticky. So, with 90X's help, here it is. Also, I'm going to try to keep Java and Flashed based games off the list for now.

Total Freeware-
America's Army- Multiplayer-Only Army Propaganda FPS :wink:
GunBound - A healthy online mix of anime style characters and worms style gameplay.
Soldat - a side scrolling variation on the CS theme (Thanks to joehonkie for the discription)
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Team Based Mission Oriented Multiplayer-Only FPS.
Wulfram-Futuristic Online RTS?(thanks to Dravalen in the last free games thread.)
Cloudphobia- Timed Anime Based side-scrolling shooter. (Thanks to Useff in the last free games thread)
ABA Games- Lots of stylish games, rRootage has an Ikuragua-like mode. (Thanks to Useff in the last free games thread)
Fate Axis - The best free game ever? I think so. Combining Soul Calibur inspired gameplay with a heavier anime influence, and a more stylized combo system, this game will shock and awe you. Too bad the story and the website are in solid Japanese. But the menus are in english, so hurrah!
Slime Forrest- An RPG that teaches Japanese...sort of.
Beneath a Steel Sky - Classic Adventure Game (Thanks to JoeHonkie, once again)
3D Doom, 3D Heretic, and 3D Hexen - Self Explanitory. (Thanks to The_Cheese)
Continuum - looks kind of like asteroids online.(Thanks to Helios)
Megamek-The Battletech tabletop game, except online. (Thanks to Machwing)
Free Shoot em' ups- Self explanitory.(Thanks to dizzle)
Dismount- Fun throwing people down stairs or out of trucks. (Thanks to Communist?)
Tetrinet- Tetris online (thanks to CaspianX)
O2Jam - DDR Clone (I don't know his screen-name, but thanks to

Shareware Games/Free games with catches-
Shattered Galaxy- MMORTS, with a futuristic space theme. Free Version players get less experience, less units, etc. etc.
Elasto-Mania- Infamous Dirtbike game. Free version only has 18 levels.
Purge Jihad- "The game is similar to Savage, only Fantasy versus Sci-Fi. And it has RPG elements instead of RTS elements." Free Players only have access to half of the classes. (Thanks to EberKain in those last 2 threads he made about it)
Dinky Bomb- Free online game with more items and weapons in the paid version(Thanks to Eggs)

Beta MMORPGs (May go to P2P at any time)
Priston Tale - 3D MMORPG, somewhat like RO.(Thanks to Dangerous)

Java/Flash Webgames-
Popcap Games (Thanks to Cuthbert)
Street Fighter Online- The title says it all. (Thanks to SomeGuy99)
Quest for the Crown- The best flash game ever. Note: You must play this with sound on.
Spele - Many many games. Also, not in english(mostly). (Thanks to Squashua)
Runescape- A free Java MMORPG(Thanks to Jamsque, I guess)
Neopets- Putting this one up makes me sad.(No thanks to theforthman, :P )
Inflash - Flash stuff. (Thanks to Kato)
Miniclip- Lots of fun flash stuff(Thanks to Fleck0)
Addicting Games- I believe we all know this one.(Steven wouldn't let me forget.)

Now here's a list that I didn't want to seperate and put into the other lists. Awhile back, joehonkie asked for a list of free games, and in the last free games thread, he posted that list again. So:
joehonkie wrote:
Here's a list of some good ones:

Generally - a nice little top down racing game
Neverball - an excellent Monkeyball-like game you control with the mouse
Crack Attack! - a falling block puzzle game that kicks ass
Chromium B.S.U. - a sweet little mouse controlled shooter
DROD - a very tricky puzzle game, in some ways like Sokoban but harder and geekier
Fiend - an awesome 2d survival horror game (watch for pop-ups and spyware installers on that page)
Falcon's Eye - the Nethack dungeon crawling game with a nice visual interface
Star Control 2 - space exploration and battle game, classic, used to be commercial and sold damn well
Laser Squad Nemesis - by the team who did X-com, free to play hotseat, constantly getting new features
Idinaloq - a short but fun vertical scrolling shooter, complete with voice actresses (movies don't work in XP/2000)[Editor's note: The version on that site uses a really old type of data compression. If you want a version that you actually have a chance of being able to extract, look for it on the site that starts with "under" and ends with "dogs".]
Vantage Master - a Final Fantasy Tactics/Disgaea like game
Warning Forever - a vertical scrolling shooter where all you do is take on larger and larger bosses
Neophyte - a series of cute Zelda-like games that have a look and feel similar to Lunar
[Editor's Note: I took out some that were already mentioned]
EDIT: I want to point out that I am indebted to many forumers for their contributions to my list in past threads.

And finally, games mentioned in the last thread that I don't really know how to categorize:
Parsec- "it aims to be a Massively multiplayer space game, but it's vaporware as far as I'm concerned " (Thanks to Runitai for all that.)
Lux wrote:
Little Fighter 2 - Fun for a while. It's a beat 'em up with nice action but the moves aren't that deep.
Survival Project - I haven't downloaded this yet. It's some sort of strategy game...looks good.

And thus ends Version 1 of the Free Games Sticky
And yes, it will get more organized over time.

HadjiQuest on


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