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G&T Photoshop Battle Reborn Part 2: Revived Game Series

Vicious_GSRVicious_GSR Video DudeRegistered User regular
edited October 2009 in Games and Technology
G&T Photoshop Battle Reborn Part 2

(For the last photoshop battle 'Movie Posters' click here)

Note from the 'Dude':
Good people of Penny Arcade, welcome back to the battle. Our last photoshop battle went great, many amazing posters, many amazing photoshops. Our last endeavor however was just a warm up, now we get into the heat of it all. So gather ye round, plug in your mice and wacoms and flick on your favorite image editing program. The battle for 'revived game series' begins NOW.

THE GOAL: Look in your old stash of games lost to age and time. Pick out one that you just know would make a great new game. We are looking for new kinds of box art, screen shots, advertisements, and any kind of image that convinces us that the old game needs to be remade. Have at you all, make the forums proud.
(Also, if there was a game revived like 'Bionic Commando' that you didn't like. Make a better concept for it!)

Quick Q&A:

Prizes you ask? The only prize you will get will be that of glory and fame! Maybe carpal tunnel syndrome.

Will this one be properly archived?:
I would hope someone far better then I could archive the proceeding events for future generations to observe. Much like a good ol' wrestling match from the 1980's, I can only assume the children of the future would like to see what there ancestors had done in the past.

The only rule that really comes to mind is to follow the 'concept'. If you have a really cool video game movie poster and we are doing 'If video game character's had there own 80's hair metal bands, what would there album art look like?' then this probably isn't the time to post it. Oh, and maybe don't make the posters huge. If you want to make a super hi-res print out have an external link.

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