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iPhoto Woes

joshua1joshua1 Registered User regular
Hey all, i was wondering if I could get a touch of help with iPhoto.

I have got a bunch of empty frames lying around, and have finally decided to look through my photo collection to fill them. I have been using iPhoto to keep things organized, and it seemed to be working fine for a little bit of editing (blemishes etc) i wanted to do as i imported the photos.

But now im trying to alter some images, change their size, and so i thought i might crop. But after a while I realize i just want to resize the photos. Since i can't figure out how to do that I choose to "cancel" and not "apply" the cropping fields I had set up. For some inexplicable reason it goes a head and does it anyway. That's fine, I can reverse that. And I do. I make a duplicate of the original, touch up some blemishes, and THATS it. I hit Done. The photo is resized.


It has been made into an ugly square, and i hadn't set any cropping parameters. I try to "revert to original" and the blemish editing has been reversed, but the image stays the same proportions.

This happens the 5 times i try to edit a duplicate.

So i try just doing it on the the original. Same thing happens. I try to revert, but the size is still cropped. I dig up the original file, and that has been cropped in the same way.

WTF? Seriously, why the hell is iPhoto cropping my photos when im not asking it to?! I *might* have another copy of that photo somewhere, but this is insane!

joshua1 on


  • ZackSchillingZackSchilling Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    Quit iPhoto. Open it back up. Select a photo and press crop. Press cancel. The crop will cancel and not apply to any more photos.

    Yes, this is a very irritating bug and it affects more than just crop. The solution for now is to always hit done and avoid the back/forward arrows on the edit screen.

  • joshua1joshua1 Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    So its an acknowledged thing then? Am I also right in assuming that the changes that happened cannot be reversed now?

  • ZackSchillingZackSchilling Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    It's acknowledged by me, I don't know if Apple is aware or working on it. As for undoing the damage, I'm always able to revert to original when it happens. Even though the operation is in error, iPhoto still always works with a copy. Maybe the problem stems from making duplicates. If duplicating a photo doesn't also duplicate the original file, it's possible that you accidentally deleted the originals when trying to clear out all the sets of duplicates you made. It would have been difficult to tell which photos had associated untouched originals without right clicking on each one and checking.

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