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Can Masturbation Kill You?

GlyphGlyph Registered User regular
edited July 2009 in Debate and/or Discourse
You might have heard people talk about masturbation as being a "normal" and "natural" activity but what exactly are the potential health risks involved with regular and frequent stimulation of the human genitalia?

For instance, it occurs to me that whenever a man performs this act of self-satiation, he is essentially telling his body that he is having sexual intercourse. As this behavior persists unchecked over the course of many years, it is not unusual to expect that the body would adjust to this pace of faux coitus accordingly by producing increasingly copious quantities of sperm and seminal fluid in order for "supply" to meet "demand," but how does this process in turn affect the body?


And what happens if and when the subject abruptly decides to stop or even slow down? Could he actually expect to break this masturbatory cycle without inviting harm to both himself and his sexual organs? What happens if the excess sexual fluid isn't released and is instead allowed to compile and congest within the testicles themselves? Would that not inevitably result in a kind of "breaking of the dams" via explosive ejaculation if not through the scrotal membrane itself?

And then there's this:
For men in their 20s, "frequent masturbation" was two to seven times per week. Compared to same-age men who reported masturbating less than once per month, 20-something frequent masturbators had a 79% higher risk of prostate cancer by age 60.

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