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Women eat too much. PS3 only punks!

Blake TBlake T Registered User regular
edited August 2009 in Singularity Engine++


Fat princess is a game that came out yesterday, or today if you are mentally slow.

The point of the game is to give in to the never ending demands of a woman and fill her full of cake and other sweet things and then run off with her and make unattractive sex.

However to stop you from making a terrible mistake you have an opposing team trying to stop you.

The game is similar to capture the flag, except instead of the prize being a brightly coloured sheet which you may wave around as you see fit, the prize is, as you may have pieced together already is an overweight lady.

There is also a class based system in the game to further complicate the food giving process.You can change character classes and abilities on the fly by picking up hats that are generated at their team's base.

If you are talented enough to kill someone you may also take their hat as a trophey. The game's five classes include mage, priest, warrior, worker, and ranger. Each class has its own unique set of weapons and abilities.

The "hat machines" may be upgraded to produce hats that will enhance the strength and effectiveness of their respective class. In order to upgrade certain machines, players must use resources found outside the castle walls. Resources include wood and metal and are gathered by worker class characters.

It is available to download on the PS3 so all six of us that actually own a PS3 could theoretically play together "online" and call each others dicks. Well except for me as I do not have a headset.

Hopefully I shall have a go at this tonight and maybe play with a few of you fags.

Hear are some pictures as I am required to post by law when I am creating a topic.

Blake T on


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