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[Phalla] Bioshock - ATLAS IS VICTORIOUS!

ExarchExarch Registered User regular
edited August 2009 in Critical Failures
All good phallae

Of this earth

Flow into the city


Welcome to Rapture!

This will be a 60 player game.

!Sign up with a reason you deserve to go to Rapture. A Man Creates, a Parasite asks, "Where is my share?"

1.Lawinator - Peach Wilkins - Riveted
2.Arivia - Ravenous Splicer - Riveted
3.SpectralSpork - Atlas' Freedom Fighters - Riveted
4.Kime - Electrobolt Splicer - Murdered in the street
5.Jason Todd
6.Samurai6966 - Citizen of Rapture - Hanged
7.Zandracon - Diane McClintock - Electrocuted
8.Dunedainjedi - Atlas' Freedom Fighters - Zapped
9.Dunadan019 - Citizen of Rapture - Caught a few too many freedom bullets
10.psolms - Atlas' Freedom Fighters - Zapped
11.oaklore - Atlas' Freedom Fighters - Hanged
12.Faynor - Citizen of Rapture - Shotgun facial
13.Fatal3RR0R - Machine Mind Splicer - Mob Justice
14.Element Brian - Andrew Ryan - Chose his own fate.
15.Bremen - Citizen of Rapture - Stabbed by Fontaine
16.Osvik - Little Sister - Harvested for the cause
17.Cleonicus - Telepathic Splicer - Beat to death
18.Mr. Defecation - Saboteur - Self immolation.
19.KrataLightblade - Citizen of Rapture - Swims with the fishes
21.Balefuego - Citizen of Rapture - Riveted
22.That Dave Fella - Electrobolt Splicer - Was given a break
23.Captain Eleven - Little Sister Killed by Jack
25.Keika - Telekinetic Splicer - Riveted
26.TehSloth - Jack - Triple bogey
27.Eipnoom - Telepathy Splicer - Shrugged off
28.Powerpuppies - Bill McDonaugh - Riveted
31.jdarksun - Pablo Navarro Killed by Atlas' Freedom Fighters
33.B:L - Machine Mind Splicer - Riveted
34.Tommy2Hands Terrendos - Dr. Suchong - Gutted
35.Obbi - Citizen of Rapture - Became one with a pile of fish heads
38.Lady Eri - Citizen of Rapture- Zapped
40.vertroueJulius Caezure - Mrs. Lutz - Executed for grieving
41.cheez - Telekinetic Splicer - Died laughing
42.iamtheaznman - Citizen of Rapture Killed by Fontaine's goons
44.WhiteZinfandel - Saboteur - Killed by the Mob
45.Warban - Martin Finnegan - Jacked up
46.The Geebs that is a Mod - Frank Fontaine - Mob justice?
48.Fluffy, our Beloved Flopsy Bunny FriendSmurph - Citizen of Rapture - Lobotomized by Jack
49.Daius - Citizen of Rapture Hanged
50.Kay - Citizen of Rapture - Got the beat
52.Gumpy - Sullivan - Met justice
53.Oats - Telepathy Splicer - Lost too much blood
54.Sigmund - Tenenbaum - Fought the good fight
55.Nocturne - Sander Cohen - Stabbed by Atlas
57.Romantic Undead - Big Daddy - Drill did not pierce the heavens
58.rabney - Citizen of Rapture - Drowned by Freedom
60.Wildcat - Citizen or Rapture - Zapped then Whacked

a.Julius Caezure

Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Final Day

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