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Team Fortress Thread: Evidently I am piss poor at updating these titles.

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How to add a server:
Before you start TF2, right click Steam in your toolbar and click on Servers. Go to the Favorites tab, click Add a Server, and type in the IP. Next time you launch TF2, go to the Favorites tab and select one of the servers that has people in it, type in the password (wang), and you should be good to go. Also make sure "Show map list" is unchecked in the bottom left. It makes finding servers stupid as hell.

ZeekNyne's (War Never Changes)
Penny Arcade Arena Donate!
New server! 12-a-side all-arena public server with PA adminship. HLstatsX enabled.
Server IP:

Hey You's
New server! Mixed map rotation.
Server IP:

Hyperbolic Drama Chamber Donate!
Normal server with SourceMod.
Server IP:

JonXP's server Donate!
Regular vanilla server. No plugins whatsoever.
Server IP:

House of Non-Conformity Donate!
Custom map server.
Server IP:
Download the Map Pack.
Extract to: Steam\steamapps\<your account>\team fortress 2\tf\maps


IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no real PA TF2 Steam Group. The HoNC has a Honc Night group that occasionally announces a custom map night, but that's about it. To get involved and meet people post here and add the servers to your favorites and hop on.

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