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I am so sick of dogs

WrenWren Registered User regular
edited August 2009 in Singularity Engine++

maybe you haven't noticed, but many media outlets can't shut up about how smart dogs are. yes they're as smart as a 2 year old, oh my gosh that's amazing right? not really.

look, have you ever met a 2 year old? they're fucking stupid. adorable, but stupid. like a dog. being as smart as a 2 year old is like being as attractive as a garden slug. perhaps the headlines should read DOGS AS STUPID AS 2 YEAR OLDS, NO ONE SURPRISED.

you want smart? try fucking corvids (no, don't try literally fucking corvids, they can only handle a millimeter or two at best). they're at least as smart as 5 year olds and they're birds. birds that are the size of your average dogs head. they know all about complex problem solving, future planning, using tools to get to other tools to get food (something chimpanzees can't even do) and so and so on.


Science Illustrated has a nice article on them. read it at the stands maybe or google I DONT CARE.

the only thing dogs have on crows and the like is that they can wear goggles. or rather, doggles. totally badass so GIS that shit.

so general dog/corvid/doggle thread.

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