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The Graphic Violence Phalla - Day 9 - X-Men and City of San Fransisco Victorious!

FaynorFaynor Registered User regular
edited August 2009 in Graphic Violence
A Phalla in GV, you say?! This is the first ever (I think?!) Graphic Violence Phalla! Rockawesome, right?

For those uninitiated, a phalla is the penny-arcade forum version of this game. You can learn more in this thread.

This phalla will be based on X-Men.


It does not follow any particular story, but tries to stay true to the spirit of the X-Men.

The rules are fairly basic:
-No forwarding PMs, screep caps, anonymous contact, or metagaming.
-Please send me a link to any proboards made during the game.
-Vote in Red, Sign Up and retract votes in Lime, ask for Clarifications in Orange. Clarifications can also be asked through PM if it pertains to something private.
-Inactives will be killed. Post twice a day, and vote. Miss two votes consectuvively, and you will die! You mu
-You may not post after your death, aside from the traditional 1 post. This post cannot contain game information.

I thought I should mention, vote close will be at 10 p.m. central time.

Sign Up List:

1. [strike]Orange Soda[/strike]
2. Robos A Go Go
3. Lucascraft
4. Psolms
5. [strike]Dunadan019 Lady Mastermind[/strike]
6. Delmain
7. [strike]B:L Madrox Dupe[/strike]
8. [strike]Nocturne[/strike]
9. [strike]Ringo[/strike]
10. [strike]Balefuego Jean Grey[/strike]
11. [strike]iamtheaznman Toad[/strike]
12. [strike]SpectralSpork Mystique[/strike]
13. [strike]143999[/strike]
14. [strike]Servo Madelyne Pryor[/strike]
15. [strike]Virral Rogue[/strike]
16. [strike]Coutts Juggernaut[/strike]
17. Fencingsax
18. [strike]Arivia Phoenix Force[/strike]
19. [strike]Samurai6966[/strike]
20. [strike]TheLawinator[/strike]
21. MetroidZero
22. [strike]Trust[/strike]
23. [strike]JasonTodd[/strike]
24. [strike]Caveman Paws[/strike] [scratch]Lilithium[/scratch]
25. [strike]Zandracon Blob[/strike]
26. [strike]jimbo034[/strike]
27. dunedainjedi
28. garroad_ran
29. DasUberEdward
30. Kagnaros
31. [strike]The Geebs That Is A Jerk Lady Deathstrike[/strike]
32. [strike]BostonGangler[/strike] [strike]Warban[/strike]
33. [strike]Wildcat[/strike]
34. [strike]Oaklore Black Tom Cassidy[/strike]
35. [strike]Houn[/strike]
36. [strike]JuliusCaezure[/strike]
37. [strike]Ultarune[/strike]
38. [strike]Burnage[/strike]
39. [strike]Shamus[/strike]
40. [strike]Lonelyahava[/strike]
41. jkylefulton
42. Captain Eleven
43. Delduwath
44. desc
45. shalmelo
46. jdarksun
47. [strike]Mr. Defecation[/strike]
48. OptimusZed
49. Wiggan
50. [strike]Kime Beast[/strike]

1. JaysonFour

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