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It's Like Nothing Ever Changed!

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Do you have a dog, cat, or other pet that is neutered or needs to be neutered? Well if you're gonna take their balls, you should put something there to fill the void!


They come in a variety of sizes and materials. I suggest the NeuticlesNatural, which most closely replicates the feel of real dog balls (apparently!)


Don't take my word for it!
"I've put off neutering "Crooked Joe" for months and when I found out about Neuticles and spoke to them it made me feel better about neutering. Joe not only looks the same now- but dosen't know he's missing anything."
Jeff Lane - Oak Park, Il
"Neuticles are just plain neat!"
Rush Limbaugh

There's also merchandise!




And before you ask...
Can Neuticles be implanted in people?

While the material used for Neuticles is FDA approved, a second FDA approval is required by law for each area of the human body an implant is placed. No company, including Neuticles, has FDA approval for solid silicone or polypropylene testicular implants. Neuticles are perfectly safe for pets but cannot legally be used on people.

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