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Twisted Pixel Thread - Ms. Splosion Man OUT NOW! 800 POINTS! RAVE REVIEWS!

mxmarksmxmarks Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in Games and Technology
This is the new TWISTED PIXEL THREAD. The OP will be haphazardly updated as I get free time at work.

What's the latest breaking Twisted Pixel news?

6/23 - Ms. Splosion Man release date: July 13!

also THE GUNSTRINGER is now a full fledged retail release!

3/4/11 - In depth Ms. Splosion Man preview!
Gunstringer Hands On!

Ms. Splosion Man
Price TBA, XBox Live Arcade. Fall 2011

What's it like?
It's the follow-up to the absolutely amazing Splosion Man. It promises to be more awesome than Splosion Man, but that's about all we know. Have you seen the trailer? Watch the trailer?

Ms. Splosion Man Reveal

Now go here for an awesome interview that covers basically everything you would need to know at this point. Key differences in the 2 games (for example, Splosion Man has a penis, and Ms. Splosion Man has a vagina) are covered. An interview with Twisted Pixel's Josh Beard.

More Info!
-In this game the cakes from Splosion Man are replaced with shoes. And when you find the shoes in any given level, Ms. Splosion Man will wear them for the remainder of the level.
-There's a hub world, kind of like Mario Brothers 3. This will totally replace the level select. It's going to have a bunch of really neat features, like hidden shortcuts (again, like Mario 3), and a neat way to point out crazy difficult levels. They will be red, for those who wish to avoid them.

The Gunstringer
Price TBA. XBox Live Arcade. KINECT TITLE. Release Date TBA.

What's it like?
It's a western, Kinect, Arcade title! The game is going to play as an on rails shooter (think REZ), where you manipulate the puppet Gunstringer with your left hand, and using your right hand, you'll aim at targets, and make a shooting motion (flicking you pistol up towards the sky, kind of like some awesome recoil) will fire the bullets.

Some quick info:
-You can play this sitting down if you so choose.
-It's designed to be an interactive puppet show, complete with an audience who will be cheering you on as you play.
-Twister Pixel promises no "forced movements".

Eurogamer has a really good hands on: Gunstringer Hands on!

What have they done?

The Maw
800 MS Points ($10), 3 DLC levels for 80 Points a pop ($1)

Whats it like?
The Maw is pretty cool, pretty simple and pretty relaxing. You play as Frank, an alien, who has to lead his new friend The Maw throughout a bunch of cool landscapes. The thing is, there are obviously obsticles in Frank's way, and he's pretty tiny. That's where Maw comes in. Maw eats things, which allows him to take on the properties of said things. Eat a fire lizard and he can breathe fire, burning down trees that have been blocking your way, for instance!

It's a fun little puzzle game. With no way to die, you simply play through, figuring out how to best eat things in order to get to the goal. There's really no true 'difficulty' to it, it's just a matter of playing it until you figure it out. It's not as funny as the other Twisted Pixel games, but it's a good way to spend an afternoon.

'Splosion Man
800 MS Points ($10), 2 DLC levels available in the game Comic Jumper

What's it like?
It's like the best platformer ever. I can't say enough positive things about this game. It's exactly what I've always wanted in a current gen platformer. Slick graphics, a great sense of humor, an absolutley FANTASTIC score, leaderboards, fast levels and a hell of a difficulty curve.

You take Splosion Man from one end of the lab to the other, that's it. Along that way you use exploding barrels, and your own exploding body, to propel you as fast as you can towards your goal and out of harms way. Water, scientists, robots, lazer beams, spikes, they all will try to stop you from reaching the end. But your love of donuts, meat and a healthy hatred of SCIENCE! will drive you to complete this amazing game. Twice even! Because running through this game on HARDCORE MODE - where if you die, you restart the level - was the best and most challenging achievement I've ever gotten. Buy this now. NOW! UPDATE: IT'S GOING TO BE $2 ON BLACK FRIDAY!

Now - this.

Comic Jumper
1200 MSPoints ($15)


Back? How awesome is Captain Smiley's ringtone?! Hilarious, right? Here, make it your ringtone too - Right click and "save as"

What's it like?
You play as Captain Smiley, and trek through 4 comic books with unique art styles and gameplay. They are, Modern, featuring bold colors, Fantasy, which features washed out colors and watercolor backgrounds, Silver Age, which is presented in cel-shaded graphics, and Manga, which is presented in black and white. It's good. It's easily the funniest Twisted Pixel game. It has some genuine laugh out loud moments, and overall is one of the funniest games I've ever played, period. But the gameplay itself is a little average. Not awful, just nothing that makes me keep coming back for the GAME. Since beating it, I've returned a couple times just to watch and listen to it again, but never have I really thought "I want to PLAY this again!", just I want to "SEE this again!" All that said - there is ABSOLUTELY $15 worth of content here. It IS hilarious, it LOOKS fantastic, and holy shit the EXTRAS. Never has an XBLA game had so many extras. Avatar Awards, a premium theme, 2 Gamerpics, 2 'Splosion Man levels (1 single player, 1 co-op), a TON of concept art, a GREAT in depth look at how the game came to be, and a TON of great music.

I think I have a new favorite developer.

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