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[Mini Phalla] Chrono Trigger: Day 7 - Everybody wins! Mafia loses

Dunadan019Dunadan019 Registered User regular
edited June 2009 in Critical Failures
What're you lookin' at? I'm Spekkio. The Master of War!
I've seen all kinds of battles from here.
In fact, i've seen your own battles too many times to count.
Teenagers versus a giant space leach, it's all very exciting...
but I think its time for a little bit of excitement, a little bit of change!

Ipso, facto, meeny, moe... MAGICO

You now all look the same! ahaha!
See, I AM the Master of War... and Mischief!
your greatest enemies are now hiding amoung this group of hooded people along with your greatest allies.
many of them are just mindless clones so don't worry about hurting innocents.

Of course, we can't just sit around here while you all try to figure out whats going on.
I'm gonna be sending you thought time to spice things up!
The best part is that you all get to decide where you want to go!
This should be fun, let's do it.

Oh, one last thing... Good luck!

This is a miniphalla based on the best game ever created on any system ever [tiny]save final fantasy 6....[/tiny] For rules, regulations and other basics of phalla, see this or this. If you are unfamiliar with Chrono Trigger, you must have lived under a rock and I have no pity for you :P. you can go here for some basic game information if you need a refresher.

Screenshots and direct quotes of role PMs are not allowed. Anonymous contact and communication with the dead is also a nono. Send me a link to any proboards made during this game.

There are some odd mechanics in this game so it isn't really a vanilla phalla. As usual you will vote for one person to be killed each night in RED but its not Chrono Trigger without time travel. Each night you get to vote on which era you wish to visit in CYAN. Mysterious and game changing events can be triggered at each location in time. These events will be made apparent in the narration.

The Eras are:
65,000,000 B.C.
12,000 B.C.
600 A.D.
1000 A.D.
1999 A.D.
2300 A.D.

Vote ties will not be handled by RNG, trickledown or everyone dying and thats all I'll say on that. All clarifications should be in ORANGE but I can't guarantee that you'll get an answer.

A Warning:
This game was designed against the idea of first day reveals and public reveals of specials in general. you should not be surprised if doing either results in something bad happening.

Inactivity: As is standard, the minimum is two posts and a vote. Inactivity deaths will occur based on my own secret set amount of time. Do not try to find out what that is.

Day ends at 10:00 PM EST (GMT-5) each day. Narration will appear sometimes before 11:00 EST (GMT-5) each day. All orders and votes must be time stamped before 10:00 PM EST (GMT-5) in order to count.

Sign up in standard lime. The game will start friday night (day 1 ending saturday) or the night that the game gets full. the game can start with less than the max number of players.


1. Mr. Defecation
2. SpectralSpork
3. Gandalf_the_Crazed
4. [strike]Jdarksun[/strike] - Cat Allergies - Illusion
5. [strike]Tommy2Hands[/strike] - Heroic Battle - Lavos Spawn
6. [strike]B:L[/strike] - Heroic Battle - Frog (Hero)

7. Spectrum
8. [Strike]Exarch[/Strike] - Flag Poled - Illusion
9. [Strike]CorpseRT[/Strike] - Sacrificed on Death Peak - Crono Clone

10. [strike]R-dem[/strike] - Shoddy Workmanship in the activity center of the brain - Illusion
11. Lonelyahava
12. [Strike]Zandracon[/Strike] - Sliced, Diced and Fried - Cyrus
13. [Strike]Daius[/Strike] - Stared too long into the Abyss - Illusion
14. Dac Vin
15. [Strike]iamtheaznman[/Strike] - Evaporated while sleeping - Marle (Support)
16. EnlightenedBum
17. [strike]TheLawinator[/strike] - Interdimensional Matricide - Queen Zeal (Mystic)
18. [Strike]Kime[/Strike] - Spare parts for a Blender - Robo (Defender)
19. [Strike]Darian[/Strike] - Fell onto a sword - Azala (Blocker)
20. [Strike]Infidel[/Strike] - Pierced by 1000 needles - Crono (Swordsman)
21. [Strike]Simonwolf[/Strike] - Triaged off a cliff - Illusion

22. mad_scientist_working
23. [strike]Romantic Undead[/strike] - Stuffed His Chest - Illusion
24. [strike]Trust[/strike] - Departed for another dimension - Illusion
25. Dunadainjedi
26. Julius Caezure
27. [Strike]Whod[/Strike] - Queen of the Fishmen - Illusion
28. [Strike]Ultros64[/Strike] - Food for Frogs - Mature Lavos Spawn (Piercer)
29. [Strike]Raakam[/Strike] - Went Batty - Illusion
30. Figgy

1. Burnage
2. Powerpuppies
3. Orange Soda
4. Delroland
5. Nocturne
6. Arasaki
7. Erich Zahn
8. Madd Jazz
9. Lightrider
10. TehSloth

Day 1
Day 2



Villager PM:

Dunadan019 on


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