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[MiniPhalla] Prelude to Phallakinetic - Non-psychics win!

EdcrabEdcrab Registered User regular
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Prelude to

This is a MiniPhalla. Don't know what that is? Neither does anyone else, they just won't admit it. But you can check the link to even the odds a little...

This is set in the Exigency setting. Don't know what that is? It doesn't matter, it's pretty generic science-fiction. You'll get the hang of it! Flavour text incoming.

Arcadia and Other Backwaters

Welcome to Alpha Sector- the tiny shred of the galaxy that mankind has the nerve to refer to as ‘the galaxy’. There's no Beta or Gamma just yet. They're working on it.

This is the planet Arcadia (one of many, the name is considered lucky- it’s like calling an exploratory vessel the Pilgrim).

It's the far future- but not necessarily ours. Humanity has gone through the expected selection of wars and disasters to the extent that they can’t even remember exactly what happened.

Trillions live in the sprawling colonies maintained and policed by the innumerable nations and supercorporations of the Sector. The Domarian Legion, the sole superpower, is always on hand with their massive armies, monopolistic industry and terrifying technological superiority. The High Council, on the other hand, manages the psychic populace like a commodity- an incredibly lucrative commodity.

One is ruled by a militaristic regime and overseen by a ludicrously intelligent Supercomputer- the other, an elitist, mostly hereditary cabal. They hate each other. They'd never stoop to fighting it out, but when one side has telepaths and telekinetics and the other has giant war robots, nobody wants to place any bets.

But, once upon a time, you wouldn’t find them here. The Arcadia star system is a nice place. Honestly. The tourist boards are actually telling the truth- it’s not exactly a developed nation, but the locals are pleasant and there’s no industry smog, which is always a plus if your lung filters break down.

The Hunt for the Renegade

The handful of habitable Arcadian worlds are notable for their culture, their high proportion of psionically-adept citizens, and their god-awful soap operas.

But after the Renegade made their presence known, they won’t be remembered for anything but inhuman carnage. Which just isn’t right. Their culture was refined, their hills were lush, and their soap operas were terrible.

The Renegade is a psionor of awesome power and awesome savagery. When they appeared on the scene, killing the non-psychic at will and garnering quite a following, the High Council's representatives demanded that the galactic community band together to remove the threat.

Something went wrong. The allied factions, under the influence of the Renegade, began murdering each other. This friendly-fire incident escalated into full-blown war and the Domarian Legion itself was forced to intervene- despite the High Council’s protests.

The Renegade poses a threat to the whole of Alpha Sector. If all of Arcadia has to be burned in order to smoke them out, the Legion wouldn’t hesitate to do it.

Now blockaded by the Legion, the surviving Arcadians must find and kill the Renegade before it all happens again.


Each night you will !vote for someone to be hunted down and annihilated by the Legion’s crack troops. The vote ends nightly at 00:00 UTC. No matter how late I might be with the narration, any actions made or votes cast after this deadline will count towards the next day.

Order PMs should be sent to the Supercomputer account, while question and clarification PMs should be sent to the Edcrab account: each player is entitled to one PM a day for either account. Additional PMs will be ignored because I’ll be deleting them in order to keep some inbox space free, and I’ll probably get all angsty too.

Unless otherwise stated, assume all normal Phalla rules apply. If you’re dead, you can’t contact living players. You can’t contact anyone anonymously. You can’t copy PMs through any means- this includes screenshots, codes, or telepathy damn it- and you need to provide me with links to any private boards. I reserve the right to replace and mercilessly badger anyone who's inactive! Inactivus is damn hungry, and he especially likes the taste of psychics.

The overall goal for the Arcadians- the village- is to kill or vote-kill the Renegade. Win conditions may or may not be compatible with those of other factions- don’t assume that you’re forced to kill everyone who’s different, you dang bigot.

Unless otherwise stated, you are still capable of winning posthumously.

This Mini will feature non-standard aspects such as conversion and objective changes. So be warned, don't sign up if that isn't your bag.

Attack Mechanics

Many roles have an ‘attack’ ability with a percentage given- this is the percentage chance that you have of killing the target of your attack. Attacks stack for the purposes of determining success, so nine 10%-attack players mobbing Some Guy would result in a single attempt on his life with a 90% chance of success, rather than 9 separate 10% attempts.

So, yes, it’s possible (and very unlikely) but the whole thing could end after one night. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Seering Mechanics

Due to the theme, there are a lot of seers about: but most are imperfect seers, with a percentage chance of successfully determining the target's faction. Note that even if the attempt fails, the seer will be made aware of the target's sub-faction, i.e., role type.

!Sign up in lime.

Clarifications will be made in orange, as that seems to be the current trend.

List of Surviving Arcadians

1: Nocturne
[strike]2: Gandalf_the_Crazed[/strike]
[strike]3: Rend[/strike]
[strike]4: Burnage[/strike]
5: kime
[strike]6: TheLawinator[/strike]
7: Ebfan
[strike]8: Gnersh[/strike]
[strike]9: SpectralSpork[/strike]
[strike]10: Spectrum[/strike]
[strike]11: godmode[/strike]

[strike]12: iamtheaznman[/strike]
[strike]13: Kay[/strike]
14: SkyCaptain
15: El Skid
[strike]16: Dunadan019[/strike]
[strike]17: Trust[/strike]
[strike]18: crimsoncoyote[/strike]
[strike]19: Typhus733[/strike]
[strike]20: Whod Houn[/strike]
21: the Behemoth (Group Power of the Domarians)


Night 1
Dunadan019 - Arcadian Psychic, the ex-Councillor
Kime - Domarian Psychic, the Ambassador
Spectrum - Arcadian Military, the Veteran
Gandalf_the_Crazed - Arcadian Military, the Commando

Night 2
Typhus733 - Arcadian Psychic, a Precog
godmode - Disciple of the Renegade, the Overseer
Burnage - Arcadian Psychic, a Telekinetic

Night 3
TheLawinator - Arcadian Psychic, an Empath
Nocturne - Domarian Military, the Specialist
SpectralSpork - Arcadian Military, a Soldier
Houn - Arcadian Police, a Police Officer

Night 4
Gnersh - Arcadian Military, a Soldier
Rend - the Renegade - WON!
SkyCaptain - Domarian Police, the Enforcer

Night 5
Kay - Arcadian Police, a Police Officer
crimsoncoyote - Arcadian Psychic, the Elder

Night 6
iamtheaznman - Disciple of the Renegade, the Nullifier
Trust - Arcadian Psychic, a Telepath


1: Julius Caezure
[strike]2: Houn[/strike]
3: Dac Vin
4: The Dagon
5: Jobastion

Sample Village Allegiance PM:

You are...


Day 0
Day 1

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
The Last Day


The vote does not trickle down. If the target of the vote is killed as well as vote-killed, they're just extra dead.

In the case of a tie, the Supercomputer will decide. Personally, I think he just uses an RNG.

Actions are performed instantly. So if a guard-equivalent protects a player, that player will be protected for that night even if the guard winds up with a photon bolt through the eye socket- unless otherwise stated. Likewise, attackers who attack a player will still contribute to their kill-chance percentage even if they get killed themselves.

If you are attacked, or if you intercept an attack meant for someone else, you will be informed that you were attacked, but not by who.

If anyone ever comes back to this thread and wonders why all the narrations were edited in 2010, it's because the forum update corrupted a bunch of the characters. Enough people in the new games called attention to the ” and – sprinkled around in the place of actual punctuation to prompt me to revisit this thread and fix it all. Otherwise, nothing changed!

Edcrab on


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