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[FIGHT ON] Garou: Mark of the Wolves - Netcode is pretty hit and miss.

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The following post was made before the game finished downloading. Garou is still awesome, but this netcode is well... not so great. Buy it to play with friends on your couch next to you, not over the internet.


Hopefully The Fighter's Generation doesn't mind me ripping off their entire Garou site because I don't feel like rehosting these images at the moment...

(aka Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves)


Garou: Mark of the Wolves was SNK's answer to Capcom's Street Fighter 3. Featuring silky smooth 2D animation, rock solid gameplay, rockin' music and a wacky (but memorable) cast THIS was SNK's crown jewel... until they went out of business. Well, SNK is more or less back in full force now but Garou was, at the time, their last hurrah. The game is bloody fantastic.



Many of the characters have ties to older Fatal Fury fighters. For example, Kim Dong Hwan and Kim Jae Hoon are the sons of Fatal Fury's Kim Kap Hwan. Garou's Marco Rodriguez uses the same fighting style as Art of Fighting's Ryo Sakazaki and newcomer Hokutomaru was trained by Terry Bogard's brother himself, Andy.

Everybody loves combo videos~!
Rex Dart wrote: »
[...] combo tutorial videos for Garou characters. They start with simple tutorials and then get gradually more advanced. There's lots of text explaining the commands, and also offering some tips on pulling them off. They're highly recommended!
Grant and Kevin aren't up yet.

I can tell you from experience that Grant has some nasty corner combos though, so those should be fun when the last video does come out.

Head over to The Fighter's Generation's Garou site for some more information on the game and the series that spawned it.

Buy it. The game is 800MS funbucks and is easily worth 6 or 7 times that (what I paid for my Dreamcast version).

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