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Nuking "My Documents"

firewaterwordfirewaterword Tighter than R. Kelly in his teens.Registered User regular
edited June 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
Heya H/A - quick computer question. I use Acrobat to bulk convert PDFs into single page TIFs; I'll usually run about 1500 - 2000 PDFs a batch, generally ending up with about 30-40k TIFs. The output goes to a server, not the laptop I'm using to convert (at least it should have been).

Anyhow, I was just checking how much disk space I had left on the laptop I'm doing this on, and noticed 80% of the drive was full, which was odd as I don't really have any media and very few programs. Turns out that when Acrobat was running its batch process, it was outputting to the server as well as My Documents. So as a result, I have about 300k single page TIFs in "My Documents," taking up the majority of my disk space.

I can't even open the folder in Windows to delete them manually (it locks up explorer, due to the stupid-large amount of files I would imagine). Is there a way to nuke the folder entirely? I can't seem to get Windows to allow me to do it.

Thanks for any help you folks can give.

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