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[PHALLA] Whedonverse Deux: Day 11 - Glory defeated; Scoobies/Good Victory!

nevilleneville The Worst Gay(Seriously. The Worst!)Registered User regular
edited July 2009 in Critical Failures

Something's rising. Something older than the Old Ones, and everybody's tail is twitching.
It begins.

Citizen Win Condition:

There are multiple alignments in this game, although I do not consider this a factions game.
Due to a high number of "Special Roles" (which is common for my Phallas), multiple seasons of both Buffy & Angel are used, which might cause confusion if you are trying to place this game in a particular season. For your sanity's sake, you should probably not try.

1. I typically try out something new in each of my Phallas. Sometimes they work, sometimes they do not. This game will be no exception.
No further clarification on this will be made.

2. There will be NO sharing of role pms, screenshots, copy-and-paste, or any other way to subvert the rules. If you are trying to think of a way around this rule, stop it and don't be a dick. Play the game, don't break the game.

3. No dead talking (aside from the traditional 1 post after you are killed, which CANNOT reveal anything or hint at anything) or dead boards.
Living - Don't talk to the dead / Dead - don't talk to the living.

4. Don't ask questions about if such-and-such mechanics exist. You can ask other players if you think they do, but I will not answer such clarifications unless I clearly missed explaining something.

5. Reveals may be hazardous to your health. Then again, you may be alright.

6. Feel free to ask anything, but do not be upset or offended if I do not clarify. And, again, if I miss a clarification, PM me. These threads move very quickly sometimes, so I can miss things.

7. Please do not post in other colors, unless voting, signing up, retracting a vote, or asking for a clarification. This just makes it easier for everyone to follow what is going on.

8. Firefly/Serenity will not be used in this Phalla.

*PLEASE* do not sign up if you do not intend to be active. I realize it is not fun to be a "Vanillager" in some Phallas, but signing up and then not playing is lame. Signing up and becoming a special and not playing is even lamer. I will replace you if you have 2 days of inactivity, which means not voting, not making at LEAST 2 posts in the Phalla thread every day, and/or not PMing me special actions if you are a special. There MAY be situations where a player cannot perform one or all of those actions as a mechanic, in which case it will not be held against you.

Every day the public votes on who they think needs to be "dealt with." This will be carried out in a fairly brutal fashion, as is the standard. All votes MUST BE CAST by 9 pm PST (that's midnight for you eastern standard time folks).
Narration will typically be up within an hour, but Mondays and Tuesdays it might be a little bit late.

Please ask your questions in BOLD ORANGE to ensure I see them.
Also, if you don't see an answer, feel free to PM it to me and I will clarify. If you are asking for a clarification for your power,
good or evil, you may want to PM me for obvious reasons. ;-)

While it is not necessary to have seen Buffy or Angel, spoilers from any or all of those shows MAY appear.
I ask people to try to limit those which are not required, to protect people who have not seen the shows and wish to.
However, the mere appearance of some characters is technically a spoiler, so sorry in advance if that affects you.
No clarifications will be made on which season(s) are left out, if any, or any characters which will not be here.

And to those who have asked about the Dollhouse, perhaps you are confused: The Dollhouse is just a rumor.

In the past Phallas, someone has typically volunteered to do tallies of daily votes.
I have found this very helpful, mostly because my narration results require some work to figure out.
I would greatly appreciate it if someone here would volunteer for it.
If you are interested, !VOLUNTEER POSITION in bright yellow.
Please DO NOT VOLUNTEER if you cannot commit to doing this, even if you are voted out.

To clarify, this volunteer will not receive any special abilities. They will simply be assisting to count/verify vote tallies and make sure people remain posting. Obviously the special role actions will be verifiable only by me.

Volunteer VoteTallier: Gandalf_the_Crazed

Surviving Citizen List / Vixtorys:

1. lonelyahava (Villager)
10. crimsoncoyote (Originally Willow, converted vampire; powerless without The Master)
20. Ebfan (Connor)
21. kime (Villager)
29. Thetheroo (Villager)
34. Keika (Spike - originally neutral, sided with Good)
42. T.J. Nutty Nub (Xander)
44. Tommy2Hands (Dawn Summers)
50. Wildcat - (Topher Brink of the Dollhouse. Originally neutral, sided with Good)
54. warban (Fred Burkle)
59. Cantide - Angel
61. vsove - Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
69. Cynic Jester (Villager)

1. GrimmyTOA (available Sunday)
2. Nodgarb

The Deceased:
8. KingMole (Villager) - Killed by the Circle of the Black Thorn [Day 1]
58. Zandracon (Villager) - Killed by Buffy, the Vampire Slayer [Day 1]
31. Eipnoom (Villager) - Killed by the champion, Angel [Day 1]
35. samurai6966 (Villager) - Killed by Connor [Day 1]
43. Quoth (Villager) - Killed by Echo [Day 1]
12. Spectrum (Villager) - Killed by Caleb [Day 1]
5. SpectralSpork (Boyd Langton) - Killed by Glorificus [Day 1]
23. Ultarune (Villager) - Killed by the City Vote [Day 1]
26. B:L (Villager) - Killed by the City Vote [Day 1]

74. TehSloth (Villager) - killed by Buffy, the Vampire Slayer [Day 2]
38. godmode (Ed, Grand Potentate of the Fell Brethren (Circle of the Black Thorn Member)) - killed by the City vote [Day 2]
40. psolms (Potential Slayer) - killed by Sierra [Day 2]
65. Seriously (Originally Cyvus Vail (Circle of the Black Thorn Member), converted into Doll designation "Tango" by Alpha) - killed by the Circle of the Black Thorn [Day 2]
66. Julius Caezure (Villager) - killed by Faith [Day 2]
3. robothero (Villager) - Killed by Glory [Day 2]
9. jdarksun (Villager) - killed by Jasmine [Day 2]

19. Dunadan019 (Senior Partner of Wolfram & Hart) - Killed by Charles Gunn, assist by Connor [Day 3]
63. TheLawinator (Villager) - killed by Buffy, The Vampire Slayer [Day 3]
53. Exarch (Villager) - killed by Angel [Day 3]
30. oldmanken (Villager) - killed by Spike [Day 3]
73. naporeon (Villager) - Killed by the Circle of the Black Thorn [Day 3]
2. dunedainjedi (Lilah Morgan, lawyer for Wolfram & Hart) - Killed by the City Vote [Day 3]
67. Raneados (Charles Gunn) - killed by Caleb [Day 3]

55. Erich Zahn (Villager) - Killed by Glory [Day 4]
70. Kagera (Lorne, the Host) - Killed by Jasmine [Day 4]
64. thorgot (Jasmine) - Killed by the Circle of the Black Thorn [Day 4]
48. Mr. Defecation (Villager) - Killed by Angel and Alpha [Day 4]
22. Nion (Converted Vampire) - Killed by Connor [Day 4]
18. Darian (Villager) - Killed by Faith [Day 4]
4. LightRider (Villager) - Killed by the City Vote [Day 4]

39. pablo_price (Villager) - killed by Alpha-created doll "Foxtrot" [Day 5]
28. DevoutlyApathetic(Alpha-Created Doll, designation "Bravo") - Killed by Echo's counterattack, in an attempt to assassinate Echo [Day 5]
27. vagrant_winds (Sierra) - killed by Caleb [Day 5]
25. Jaenther (Villager) - killed by Connor & Glorificus [Day 5]
32. iamtheaznman(Alpha-Created Doll, designation "Foxtrot" - originally Lawrence Dominic) - killed by Sierra [Day 5]
57. The Geebs That Is A Mod (Senator Helen Brucker (Circle of the Black Thorn Member)) - Killed by Angel & Buffy, the Vampire Slayer [Day 5]
68. Gorilla Salad (Izzerial the Devil (Circle of the Black Thorn Member)) - Killed by City Vote [Day 5]

49. Shanic (Villager) - Killed by Faith [Day 6]
19. Dunadan019 (Senior Partner of Wolfram & Hart) - killed (AGAIN) by Connor [Day 6]
11. Delmain (Echo) - killed by The Mayor [Day 6]
62. Bremen (Villager) - killed by Glory [Day 6]
13. Gandalf_the_crazed (Agent Paul Ballard) - killed by Caleb [Day 6]
7. Orange Soda (ALPHA) - killed by Angel [Day 6]

37. Straightzi (Drusilla) - Killed by Spike [Day 7]
45. Anjin-San (Lindsay McDonald, Lawyer for Wolfram & Hart) - Killed by Connor [Day 7]
33. SSGN727 (Wesley Wyndham-Price) - Killed by Glory [Day 7]
6. Rend (The Ascended Mayor Wilkins III of Sunnydale) - Killed by Angel & Buffy [Day 7]

41. WilDPanthA05 (Archduke Sebassis - Circle of the Black Thorn member) - killed by Connor [Day 8]
47. ShadowThomas (The Master) - killed by Angel [Day 8]
46. garroad_ran(Caleb) - Killed by Buffy, the Vampire Slayer [Day 8]
71. Dr. Funkenstein (Villager) - killed by Buffy, the Vampire Slayer [Day 8]
16. coutts(Giles, Buffy's Watcher) - killed by Glory [Day 8]
60. Fluffy, Our Beloved Flopsy Bunny Friend (Villager) - Killed by Faith [Day 8]
36. The_Reflection(Villager) - killed by the City Vote [Day 8]

75. Larlar(Villager) - killed by Buffy and Faith [Day 9]
17. Houn - Faith (originally neutral: renegade Slayer) - killed by Spike [Day 9]
72. Powerpuppies - Anyanka (originally neutral: evil demon) - killed by Angel [Day 9]
52. That Dave Fella (Senior Partner of Wolfram & Hart) - killed by Connor [Day 9]
51. kuhlmeye (Villager) - killed by the City Vote [Day 9]

Infidel(Cordelia) - killed by a confused Buffy [Day 10]
Typhus733(Glory) - Killed by Connor [Day 10]
Captain Eleven (Villager) - killed by Glory [Day 10]
JaysonFour (The First Evil) - alive, but defeated [Day 10]

Clarifications made:

1. If you are given powers, anything that is a "Passive Power" means it is done automatically and is not something you need to PM me to activate.
If something does not say passive, then it needs to be activated by a PM.

2. If you have specials, please PM me daily even if you are saying "I will not use abilities today" - this helps ensure our specials are active.

3. Please no posting images unless they are relevant to the Whedonverse.

4. In typical Phallas, people post their alignment/abilities/etc on their proboards.
Knowledge of the various Whedonverses may help you understand, but do so at your own risk.

To clarify, I would advise against too many specifics beyond "I can kill a person" and such.

5. The winner of the daily vote is killed. Nothing happens to the runner up.

6. Kusugattai has been removed for inactivity.
He has been replaced with LightRider.

Let this be a lesson to you: REMAIN ACTIVE & VOTE or die a painful death.

Narration links:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Current Cititzen Vote Tally:

neville on


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