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[Mini-Phalla] Day One - Phallaverse - Village Victory

Lady EriLady Eri Registered User
edited July 2009 in Critical Failures
The Game Has Started - Day One Ends at 9pm Pacific, 12 Midnight on Friday 7/16

This is a sign-up thread for a mini-Phalla, that unlike my calculadon, will conform a bit more to the standard Phalla. But wait, the PHALLAVERSE is under attack. And the denizens of Phallaverse must work quickly to save themselves before all is lost.

Special Mechanic
In this Phalla there are some changes. For instance, every player will receive a letter in the role pm. Instant salvation and victory for the village can be achieved if the letters are combined to form the phrase that will save Phallaverse. Even on day one, so at least minimal effort should be focused on solving the phrase. If anyone types the phrase in the Phalla, the game ends and the village wins. Here I even given you the number of words total and letters in each word.

---- ---- --- --
, ----

Every player may reveal their letter to help solve the puzzle, but again this is Phalla, and there will no guarantee anyone is telling the truth.

Every night the village will vote to kill off one of their own, per the standard red color. However, there is also another vote to be done in yellow color to reveal a specific slot in the phrase to everyone. If the secret phrase was HAPPY DAYS and the village voted for !word2 slot3, the narration that evening would reveal the following

But wait Lady Eri, there are two Ps and two Ys and two As in HAPPY DAYS. Will repeat letters be given out? The answer is yes. If there are 9 players trying to solve the phrase HAPPY DAYS, then 1 player would have an H, two would have an A, two would have a Y, two would have a P, and one player each would have an S and a D. There are thirty one letters, in the phrase, and thirty-one players. Each will receive a piece of the puzzle. Obviously since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, there are going to be repeats.

In addition to the vote, I expect there will be around three additional deaths a night. So even if it goes to the last day, I think stastically the cap is 8 days.

1. Gumpy
2. Ariva
3. eeccccoo tthhee ddoollpphhiinn
4. Kime
5. The_Reflection
6. Dac Vin
7. Cleonicus
8. Julius Caezure
9. DevoutlyApathetic
10. Dunadun09
11. DunedainJedi
12. Fatal3RR0R
13. T.J. Nutty Job
14. Pablo_Price
15. Godmode
16. Samurai6966
17. Psolms
18. Thelawinator
19. Lonelyahava
20. Warban
21. Coutts
22. Jaenther
23. Macguffin
24. Exarch
25. Eipnoom
26. Fluffy Our Beloved Flopsy Friend
27. Kingmole
28. Simonwolf
29. Neville
30. Spectralspork
31. jdarksun

1. Orange Soda
2. Zandracon
Sign up in lime.

Also I guess since this is a mini will be on one thread. I intend the first round to close on Friday at 9pm Pacific, Midnight Eastern. And it will close the same time every night thereafter.

Lady Eri on
The Wheel of Calculadon turns, and then suddenly? Orbital lasers.


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