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Fuck whatever we were playing, let's get ready for some goddamn DARK SUN

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Do you suddenly feel awkward? Have zits spontaneously sprouted on your face? Does the mere thought of the opposite sex make your palms go sweaty?

It's okay. You're in the tabletop gaming thread!

We talk about all kinds of games, here! Hell, we'll even talk about board games!


Some of our favorites:

-Dungeons and Dragons 4e
-World of Darkness
-Mutants and Masterminds
-Spirit of the Century
-Dark Heresy

Quetzi explains the classes and races of 4e!
Straightzi wrote: »
Alright, Player's Handbook. The main shit. The shit you need to play. Here is what it has got going on for it:



Let me break down the player's handbook two for you son

Alright, we got some races:


Curious to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? Moriveth solves that mystery, along with his trusty box o' porn!


Utsanomiko comes in with even more wonders and horrors, bringing us this lovely Wuthering Heights RPG!

Wuthering Heights

Orikaeshigitae made this kickass Victorian styled character sheet for D&D, if you have a need of such things:

Some of us run online games, because we don't have friends in real life because we're huge nerds. Here's a sampling:

Glossolalia, by DE?AD. Based largely on Risus, I think, this is a play by post relatively ridiculous freeform game. It is probably accepting new players.

Dungeons and Dwarves, by me (Quetzi). A D&D 4e game where everyone is a dwarf. Laid back, but still fairly regimented play by post.

The Paranormal Defense Division, a Mutants and Masterminds game that I run on Tuesday nights in the SE vent channel. Ridiculous and pulpy and mildly Hellboy inspired, only with more communists. It is perpetually accepting new player applications, talk to me about it.

Something Marshmallow runs in Ventrilo and Maptools, possibly on Fridays? It's D&D 4e, and I think it's fairly laid back about it, but that's about all I know.

Let me know if you want anything added to this.

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