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Hotchie Motchie!

Lucky CynicLucky Cynic Registered User regular
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So earlier today I was bored and flipped through whatever was in my DvD catalog and oh, what is this... the Critic. My, I haven't watched that in a good while. This was about 12 hours ago. I watched damn near every episode and it really occurred to me how clever and witty the humor was. The show never got tiresome on me this entire day. There was no downtime or anything at all. Clever little puns, slightly dated Hollywood japes, and a lovable character were enough to really seal the deal on the Critic, keeping me thoroughly entertained and IMO, making it one of the best animated series ever.

Which is why it was cancelled. We can't have nice things so we got like 12 seasons of King of the Hill instead.

Shall we discuss and share our fond memories for the grossly neglected Jay Prescott Sherman and how television, animated shows in particular, pale in comparison to The Critic?

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