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[Blank]boarding Thread

Tommy2HandsTommy2Hands what is this where am iRegistered User regular
edited July 2009 in Singularity Engine++
So, I like to longboard skateboard, and a few friends and I have been filming a longboarding video for the past couple months

As much as I would like to show off clips of it, I cannot, for do not have any on this computer

oh, and we suck

In anycase, the reason I made this thread was because I figured that there must be some people here that enjoy and would like to talk about street skating, longboarding, rollerblading or even surfing

Also because, I'm looking into getting one of these boards, and I would like some advice before I spend 300 bucks on something that might suck

Tommy2Hands on
MacGuffin wrote: »
Belief in the heart of friendship and you'll always be kawaii Tommy-Chan!



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