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No, it's not tear gas. It's Catfood. [X-Com LP II]

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X-NET Secure Logon: Authorised Personnel Only

X-Com is a top-secret multi-national military task force assembled to investigate, interdict and oppose an unknown enemy threat of extra-terrestrial origin.

Our operatives are recruited from the best and brightest individuals worldwide, representing the very best Earth has to offer.
We are an elite unit, made up of the cream of the crop, and Earth's greatest resource for defending against the unknown enemy.

Information for new recruits:

X-Com is constantly vigilant against an active threat. Alien incursions are detected, intercepted and engaged on a weekly basis. As active units sustain ongoing casualties while performing combat missions, replacement troops are brought in from the recruitment waitlist. Should anyone of sufficient skill wish to !sign up for duty, they will be added to the waitlist upon receiept of their enlistment notice below. To be placed in an active Contact Team, they must also respond to a call up notice when their name gets called from the list.

Information for existing soldiers:

As Earth's premier secret planetary defense operation, X-Com is provided with worldwide access and resources that other semi-autonomous shadow paramilitary organisations can only dream of. Recent funding increases (combined with scientific advances and analysis and review of previous encounters with extra-terrestrial combatants) have allowed for more flexibility in equipping and armament for X-Com ground interdiction. Soldiers are now able to requisition a portion of their own equipment from the X-Com armoury. For more information on this, refer to the X-Com Arms and Munitions guide and Quartermaster's Requisition Form, attached below.

A current listing of active personnel and deployments, including the current recruitment waitlist, is available below.

X-Com Archive:
Click here to access prior X-Com Mission Reports and Log Details

X-Com Aquatic Operations Division:
X-Com intelligence indicates that previously unremarkable aquatic activity may have extra-terrestrial origin. Because this operation is not equipped to engage in submerged environments, X-Com has spun off an aquatic operational arm as a wholly separate division under Zombies tossed my Salad! - Click here to access Aquatic division logs and reports.

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