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LewieP's Mummy needs your help!

LewieP's MummyLewieP's Mummy Registered User regular
edited September 2009 in Games and Technology
OK, I know Regicid3 is off doing basic training, I can't contact him to find out what he wants me to paint, but neither Rehab nor Aethelred have replied to my PMs to tell me what they want painting!

Next on my list is Druhim and then 1ddqd, but I don't want to dump people off the list unnecessarily. Regicid3 will slot straight back in after basic has finished, but can anyone think of how I can contact the other 2, apart from PMs, which they're not responding to? Or should I just give up and go on to Druhim?

Let me know what you think, please, cos I'm bored and want to paint!

LewieP's Mummy on
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