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Zombie Apocalypse - Its like Left4Dead+Gauntlet

Black_HeartBlack_Heart Registered User regular
edited September 2009 in Games and Technology


So I know everyone is busy with Halo 3 ODST, Aion, Scribblenauts, and all the other crap thats been coming out recently, but I downloaded Zombie Apocalypse on Xbox Live earlier today and played through a few stages on it.

Its essentially an arcade shooter and the characters to me feel like they were taken directly from Left 4 Dead. You use the right thumbstick to fire in 360 degrees around you, there are multiple weapons and you just go through stages mowing down zombies. I really like mindless multiplayer games like this.

It costs 800 Microsoft Points and I would assume $10 on PSN.

If anyone feels like grabbing this and playing for a while, I would be up for it. Feel free to add my gamertag.

Black_Heart on
XBL/PSN Name - Jashinslayer


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