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Attention: the protomen still exist! cover album available now!

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After a rather chilly reception in the concert thread and the realization that we've been without a Protomen thread for a few days I decided to give my own shot at reviving it.

If you don't know, the Protomen are a group who travel the land telling the true story of Dr. Light and his battle against the oppressive Dr. Wily's regime.

They recently released the second part of this story: Act II: Father of Death, and last Friday they put on a CD release show in Nashville featuring both acts.

There was merch:

And nerds:

And even lady nerds!

But mostly there was rocking.

With special appearances by Dr. Wily:
(link only because of disabled hotlinking: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaclynridgeway/3956324931/in/set-72157622460910482/)

And Hammered Dr. Light:

It was an utterly fantastic show, with around 40 musicians including the band, a brass section, strings section, and chorus all coming together to give a great performance, despite some technical issues.

Good news for those who missed it as well, the whole thing was filmed, and will either be up on the site or put on a DVD "If it's good enough", but I'm not sure of the time frame.

Anyway this thread is to continue discussion of the album or talk about the show if anyone else was there!

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