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Mr. Henry BemisMr. Henry Bemis Registered User regular
edited October 2009 in Singularity Engine++
probably pretty tiny!!

EDIT: Hey super update, according to this lurker dude Einhander fucking died

Jesus Christ no one told anyone?

He lived in Eugene, but his house caught on fire so he moved out here to Idaho to stay with him mom (I knew him from when he lived out here a couple of years ago), then he bought a truck from a friend of mine and moved to Portland. He got a job but was couchsurfing with a friend of his until he could save up for an apartment. He was hit by some asshole drunk driver on his way home from work.

I helped his parents clean out the stuff he left at their house that he was going to come back for, and housesat for them when they went to the trial of the woman that hit him. It was fucked up.

we should probably have a thread thing

i bet his dick was huge

Mr. Henry Bemis on
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