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Movies + Drinking Games Thread

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So I just got done watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, with a couple friends, in a fashion in which drinking was involved. The friend that proposed that we watch the movie came into my apartment with the idea that we watch one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies whilst drinking rum. I concurred that this was a fine idea and so as the other person that I invited over got here, we set off for more liqueur and one of the movies of said trilogy. We were successful in our mission, and so there was a sort of correlation to the drinks that were had and the movie that we watched from the beginning of the night, which made it feel all the more significant. Only not really, since it was just an excuse to drink and this was something that we were set upon doing regardless. But hey, might as well have something to do while you drink (playing Mario Party with set rules was already kind of exhausted by this point).

Anyway, here were the rules that we set forth:

1) Whenever this bitch uses a bad accent (every time), you have to drink.

2) On every instance when the word "rum" is brought up, you have to drink.

3) Anytime that the word "parlay" is spoken by someone, you have to drink.

4) Anything that is agreeably awesome happens onscreen, you have to drink.

Resolution: I end the game with quite a strong buzz going, my friend that suggested the game falls asleep with drink in hand, and the other friend that I invited over takes off early as she had a bit of a migraine. In this instance, she was the smart one as she drank at a bar earlier and chose not to participate. Of course she reminded us of instances when we had to drink during the movie though, which was good of her (I guess?).

All said and done, it was a pretty good time. The movie was more tolerable under said circumstances then when I initially saw it in theaters too. Not that the movie is horrible or anything, but it left a bad taste in my mouth in comparison to the first two movies, which I thought were pretty great upon seeing originally.

Some other movie and drinking game combinations:

(most infamous first)

Shawn of the Dead


1) Anytime there is a call back (a scene that is reminiscent of something that happened earlier in the movie), you have to drink.

2) Whenever someone in the movie drinks, you have to drink.

3) On any instance where a characters says "you've got red on you," you have to drink.

Inadvisable dangerous rule: Anytime someone says something with a British accent, you have to drink.

I actually was not a participant in this game when I witnessed it, as I just didn't feel like drinking, but many drinks were had upon those who were playing the game (to say the least).

Van Helsing


1) Anytime that you see a crash of lightning during a scene, you have to drink.

2) Whenever Kate Beckinsale's character turns around to leave, but Van Helsing turns her back toward him to kiss her, you have to drink.

3) Some stupid new abomination of a monster appears onscreen, you have to drink.

Inadvisable dangerous rule: During any instance in which a bad accent is heard, you have to drink.

I watched this movie for the first time with a cousin of mine and while neither of us were drinking, we saw a fine opportunity for a drinking game to be had with this movie as we watched it and jokingly came up with rules as we went along. Also, I made up the third rule just now, but given the movie in question it would undoubtedly result in at least a few drinks taken.

Passion of the Christ


First off, this is a drinking game that has to be played with wine to be done correctly. No exceptions.

1) Anytime pain is inflicted upon Christ, you have to take a sip of wine.

Inadvisable dangerous rule: Anytime pain is inflicted upon Christ, you have to take a sip of wine.

The friend that suggested the Pirates of the Caribbean and rum game created this. I have never experienced the movie in said fashion or viewed the movie to begin with myself.

So SE, what are some drinking game you have created to go along with movies?

Any humorous stories that you would like to share with the rest of the class?

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