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D&D4E "Stick In The Mud" Game Interest/Recruit



  • tzeentchlingtzeentchling Doctor of Rocks San DiegoRegistered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Tempted by this, but already in two PbP on the boards. Worth it to submit anyway?

    Edit: This campaign really makes me want to create a [strike]Hida Bushi[/strike] noble Paladin or Warden charged with defending the [strike]Kaiu Wall[/strike] Emperor Norton's wall against the evil forces of [strike]Daigotsu and the Shadowlands[/strike] the Chaos Scar.

  • BearrorristBearrorrist Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Gormil Treestriker Dwarf Fighter (1h weapon)
    "See these bloody tree's? What ya gotta do is take a good swing with yer trusty hammer ta kock em down. Like so ..."
    Gormill's clan was clearing space for a new fortress to be erected, The only job Gormill ever had growing up. It was a good job, a job for a stout young dwarf. Treestriking taught him two things, first, a good hatred for trees, second was how to fight. When enough forest was cleared to start work on the fortress itself, many of the Treestrikers were no longer needed. Gormill needed to find a new job. Gormill wasnt much use as a Smith, or a Mason, so he set off on his own, taking that which a good Treestriker needed to work alone, his hammer, his sheild, and his armor. He's went searching for a job at either of the things he loved, fighting or knocking down trees. Gormill knew that there would be fighting jobs near The Chaos Scar, he just needed to find it

    Ulfgar Ironarms Dwarf Fighter (2h Weapon)
    "What ya gonna do with that pointy stick boy?"
    Ulfar was a smith's firstborn son. He'd never wanted to be a smith, he wanted to join the army. Unfortunately, his father had other plans for him. His father went so far as to guarantee Ulfgar would never be accepted in the army. This seemed to set Ulfgar on the right track for quite some time. Over the next few years, his fathers buisness started to decline. Eventually his father had to sell the smithie shop. That evening his father told him the truth about how he couldnt join the army. Unfortunatley once the decision was made, it was an expensive process to get it overturned. His father told him that he was free from becoming a smith like he was, and was free to do as he pleased. Ulfgar rounded up what equipment he could, and headed off to find his way in life.

    This would be my first PbP game, and my first full 4e game aswell. I should be able to handle at least 1/day.

  • HylianbunnyHylianbunny Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Rena Shepard, Human Cleric of Ioun
    "Knowing isn't good enough. You have to apply that knowledge."

    Rena doesn't really remember exactly where she hails from, but you know what? It doesn't really matter that much to her. From the earliest memory she can recall, her life has been spent cloistered in a church to Ioun, surrounded by all manner of scripture, books and tomes, from the interesting to the somewhat less so. Only within the last few months has her life taken a turn for the interesting.

    She has spent the last little while treating any who actually manage to return from the Chaos Scar, though they are few and far between. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do at the edge of the wall, and so Rena is reluctantly looking for a group to accompany inside and see if she can do some real good.

    Rena is very idealistic, though it probably won't take long for the general atmosphere around the wall and Chaos Scar to drag her down to the same grouchy and cynical level as everyone else.

    Site's not recognizing my character sheet yet.

  • susansusan Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    William 'Chocolate' Harris, Gnome Cunning Bard (Background and equipment were for another game; I'll update it soon to make it more setting-appropriate.)

    William Harris walks through the front door of the tavern, removing his cap and striking it against his green wool cloak to shake off the rain before theatrically replacing it, standing to his full three and a half feet and scanning the faces of his fellows. A slight smile plays across his face as he takes them in until he spies the Cleric Rena Shepard, at which point he strides up to her, bends double, takes her hand lightly and kisses it gently, "My fair Lady, the Fates and the Gods have sent us to each other's arms once more. For long nights and weeks and months I have visited the taverns and inns of this land, singing sweet ballads of your beauty and kindness as I had planned to do here this very night, though I can see now my evening shall be spent in the quest to make you sing out with sweet words..."

    (I post pretty darn regular for the things I'm in, at least once a day when appropriate. I'm also going to draft up an Assassin for submission and possibly a Druid or something else that sounds fun. Oh yes, I'm gonna get in this one...)

    2010 PAX DM Challenge Grand Champion
    2011 PAX Warmachine/Hordes Champion
  • SaurfangSaurfang Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    The Hooch, Wilden Seeker.
    "You guys is like a brother to me. I mean it."
    When the meteor streaked through the sky and carved a wound deep into the earth, the spirits of the natural world fought back against the unnatural intrusion. The spirits called forth a champion: an avatar of the forest itself. Slowly, new and strange life coalesced from unthinking plants, bound into humanoid form and charged with safeguarding the wilds against the depredations of the Chaos Scar.

    The process of creating the avatar took some time, however, and while it was occurring, the fruits that made up much of the avatar's body fermented. As a result, when the glorious scion of nature took its first, wobbling steps into the nearby human village of Ugsplot, Zekiel Farnesworth dubbed it the Hooch. "Cuz you smell a lot like hooch!" the simple farmer explained to his new friend. As far as anyone could tell from the Hooch's slurred speech and inability to walk in a straight line, it seemed to exist in a state of constant inebriation. Luckily, it was a happy drunk. Or, at least, it was, until its idyllic existence was shattered by the death of its dear friend Zekiel from alcohol poisoning. Heartbroken, the Hooch interpreted the tragedy as a sign from the spirits that he was to move on and fulfill his purpose of putting right the wrong of the Chaos Scar.

    I post with fair regularity.

  • RainfallRainfall If you do not repay me, I will RECLAIM the ball.Registered User regular
    edited October 2009

    Born into the Dragonsreach tribe, far from the Chaos Scar and civilization, Torivos was raised as a warden of the wilds, a noble fighter for nature, and a force of nature in his own right. Strong, quick, and deadly, he was soon gifted with the powers of the Primal Spirit, and granted the title of Moonspeaker, travelling from tribe to tribe to share traditions, news, and ensure that no one tribe was ever cut off when danger threatened.
    His idyllic life was changed somewhat when he ran into the mighty copper dragon Muspelhaber. The talkative beast invited him in for a drink to discuss the shifter tribes, and when he escaped two months later, he found himself hopelessly addicted to the thick, vile, alcoholic beverage known as Dragonspit.
    Dragging himself to the nearest city, he purchased a few bottles of the stuff by trading in his priceless amulets and totems of the shifter people, keeping only his bull-headed warmask, which he wore whenever he wasn't drinking. After running out of money(and Dragonspit,) he started taking enforcer work for the Thieves Guild, brutally murdering those who opposed the seedy crimelords that ran the city.
    Disgusted with himself after a few months, and having lost his latest partner in a foul incident with several acid-breathing Dragonborn, Torivos made his way closer to the Scar, where he found a bar with a barkeep that actually listened to him. Slowly, the work ran out as his brutality got too much for most to handle, and now he stands, prepared to enter the Chaos Scar to pay for his booze, and perhaps recover his honor by battling worthy foes.

    Some other stuff:
    Torivos loves to complain. He loves to drink Dragonspit, the only liquor that has ever passed his lips. He loves to kill people, and he loves having people around to pick on, boast at, or complain about. He also loves to do it all while speaking Draconic, which scares the nine hells out of most people.

    The gigantic man almost always speaks in Draconic, slipping into Common only when forced by necessity, and even then he peppers his speech with Draconic invectives. His hands never stray too far from his axes, and when he's not holding them, he's usually holding his bottle of Dragonspit and taking a swig of the vile stuff.

    The surly Shifter has had many companions and allies over the years. Normally they ditch him after a month or so, being fed up with his surly attitude and the fact that he only washes once every two months. He enjoys having other people around, however, if only because he gets to complain about them. Perhaps his closest friend is the elven bartender, Ailyssa Nachtvis, at the Drunken Duckling, the only proprieter who deigns to serve him Dragonspit.
    His people, the Dragonsreach Tribe, live far beyond the mountains and would probably disown him if they heard of what he's doing these days. Assorted other Shifter tribes(The Deepwoods, Riverrock, and Nightland tribes) know of him, but he didn't spend long enough with any of them to really gain friends or even foes. Better days for him, really.
    A mess of people in the Thieves Guild and Assassin's Guild know how to contact him(by going to the Drunken Duckling,) but he never bothers to learn their names.

  • RainfallRainfall If you do not repay me, I will RECLAIM the ball.Registered User regular
    edited October 2009

    Avandra has many servants. Most are peaceful, tending to nature and watching change as though it was a storm. Some battle in her name, seeking to force change for good instead of ill. When the Chaos Scar was formed, so was the Order of Avandra's Scar. A secret order of wood elves, channeling divine power as they fought against the forces that warped and twisted the world from the beautiful thing it had been into something... less.
    Keylet was a member of the Order, but her opinions didn't quite fit in with the Order of the Scar. She believed that the Scar was part of Avandra's plan, and that the order fighting so diligently against it was in fact fighting change, and breaking the tenets of their goddess.
    Naturally, she was kicked out when she first voiced those concerns to the abbot.
    Sneaking back in late at night, using her training and natural skill to avoid the guards, Keylet made off with one of the Order's holy swords, and vowed to enter the Scar to find the truth out for herself.

    Appearance, Mannerisms, Stuff
    Keylet is a typical wood elf. Beautiful, if somewhat shy and naive regarding the ways of the outside world, her body is toned and trained like a warrior, every day from her sixth year being filled with learning the art of combat in the path of Avandra.
    Whenever she speaks, as she was trained to do in the cloister, her fingertips touch her heart, indicating that her heart is behind her words. She never lies or dissembles, but always tells the truth, answering with soft words or hard steel.

    Keylet believes in Avandra fiercely. She believes in change, she believes in freedom, and she believes in the sanctity of nature. What she doesn't believe is that the Scar is an abomination, setting her a few miles apart from most people.
    She's not afraid to talk about her beliefs, but she won't speak unless spoken to under almost any circumstance.

  • RainfallRainfall If you do not repay me, I will RECLAIM the ball.Registered User regular
    edited October 2009

    The Wilden emerged from the Feywild on the very same day that the Chaos Scar was forged upon the earth. Banmaccon was one of the first to step forth, dew upon his brow, and he was also the first to be touched by The Devourer. Entering into the sea, unlike his brothers and sisters who explored the forests of the world, he was touched by the dark presence hiding from the sun. Communion with the darkness followed, and Banmaccon became changed, different from the others of his group.
    When he emerged from the sea, years had passed. A dark mask, the skull of some beast, covered his face, and he knew that the power within the Chaos Scar was desired by his lord. With keen mind, deep knowledge of the world, and powers from one of the darkest Gods on the earth, Banmaccon is prepared to do what it takes to claim the Chaos Scar for the Devourer.

    And Stuff:
    Banmaccon is hungry. Power, companions, food, knowledge. He wants everything around him, and he's willing to do what it takes to get it. He follows the dark whispers of the Devourer, echoes of the breakers crashing upon the rocky shores of the land. Many are off-put by his malevolent presence, but the divine power he channels remedies most casual fear.
    Of course, when they discover exactly what divinity Banmaccon channels... the fear returns. He doesn't mind it, but it does get in his way on occasion.
    Clad in dark robes, the skull of some dead sea-beast affixed to his face, Banmaccon's alien Wilden appearance only sets him further apart from the rest of society when they see some of his actual wooden flesh. The deep reds of his leaves and branches mark him as entering the final stages of Wilden growth, and his lack of physical strength further confirms this.
    An ominous chuckle is his trademark, sometimes bursting into full-blown laughter as he watches the power of the Devourer grow within him. All those around him feel the unnerving gaze of someone upon them, no matter where he looks.

  • FiarynFiaryn Omnicidal Madman Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    An image of Grenth? Nice

    Grenth is awesome.

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  • El SkidEl Skid The frozen white northRegistered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Adding a second character: Kodor the Goliath Rogue.
    As a young Goliath, Kodor was teased because he was so much smaller than his breatheren. He didn't have their height, their weight, their muscles... Quite a few of them, in fact, hinted that he was some sort of half-breed, that some human had snuck in and had his way with his mother. Well, Kodor couldn't stand there and take that! He...got his ass handed to him. Over and over.

    Eventually, while healing from his latest beating, Kodor discovered that his small (for a Goliath) size and nimble fingers gave him the perfect way to exact revenge. His "friends" had their belongings mysteriously vanish, their unmentionables displayed in full view of everyone, and their lunch money surprisingly vanish.

    Unfortunately, Kodor was pretty much the only suspect, so they beat the snot out of him and took his (formerly their) lunch money.

    "Bugger this" said Kodor, "I'm going to find a place where I'M the big one, I'm not going to just sit here and take this!"

    And so he wandered off, and took up residence in a dwarven city by the name of Overlook. Where EVERYONE was smaller than he was. He kept up his thieving ways, and eventually was caught and dragged before a magistrate (it took 7 of them to drag him- he was really quite pleased about that). The dwarves could tell they couldn't trust Kodor as far as they could throw him, so they put a Gaes on him- he must travel to the Scar and cleanse the area as punishment for his crimes:

    As long as ye shall breathe,
    And blood shall flow from your heart
    Shall ye seek ta rid the world of the Scar,
    An' steal not an' break the laws o' the land not
    So long as the Scar do corrupt the land.

    Kodor dropped his shoulders and accepted the Gaes, and moved (quite poutingly, I'll admit) towards the Scar. There to face whatever danger and chaos awaits him.

    The dwarves were glad to be rid of him, even if the "Gaes" had no real magic behind it, the Goliath didn't seem to know that... And by the looks of it he'd be far away before he ever realized that.

    mrpaku wrote: »
    my name is precisionk and i'm ten tanks

    wrath God fear traitor evil
  • FiarynFiaryn Omnicidal Madman Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Updated Shrike's backstory 'n such to be a bit more coherent in describing his current mental state. :)

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  • jimninjajimninja Registered User
    edited October 2009
    Frotha Skorrsvjar, Dwarven Druid

    In the Dwarvenhold of Overlook, some of the older magics have fallen out of style--in today's dangerous world, it's much easier to gird a dwarf in his weight in steel and send him screaming and frothing toward a horde of orcs swinging half that much again on the end of a stick than it is to send the same dwarf through years of training, meditation, and rituals. But in Hammerfast, in the Nentir Vale, there remains a society of warriors dedicated to preserving the ancient ways of war practiced at the dawn of Dwarvendom. These are the Stonespeakers.

    Frotha Skorrsvjar is one of these warriors, wielding the primal powers of the bedrock of the world. His hammer is carved in the image of a ram's head, and he carries no shield, for his skin is as hard as the stone from which his city is hewn. He pays service to Moradin, Father of the Dwarves, to his ancestors, and to the earth itself. He has come to the Chaos Scar following tales of the mighty corruption that has seized hold; this wound to the world is nothing less than an affront to all that is holy to Frotha, and he will do all in his power to discover its secrets and cleanse its influence.

  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
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    jim that's awesome

  • IAmUnawareIAmUnaware Registered User regular
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    No fancy pictures from me, but I guess I could dig some up if you want. My bunch of dudes:

    Garrahd, Halfling Barbarian
    Garrahd is the son of the chieftan of a halfling barbarian tribe living near the site where the "King's Wall" was eventually erected. His tribe, the Stone Skull, are known throughout the land for their ferocity, their dislike of even well-meaning "shorty" jokes, and their expertise at headbutting said jokers in the genitals with little to no warning. (Those who have suffered such a headbutt attest to the appropriateness of the name "Stone Skull".) They fight with a style appropriate to their size and agility, leaping quickly from foe to foe rather than dealing the crushing, cleaving blows that most people associate with barbarians.
    Garrahd's people speak of a time before the meteor, when this valley was a safer, more pleasant place (and when THEY were in charge around here). They have a deep hatred of the Brotherhood of the Scar, and indeed anyone else who challenges them for ownership of the valley. Garrahd has taken it upon himself to save his people, rescue his homeland, and generally be a big awesome hero. Few of the Stone Skull believe he's going to be able to do anything, but mostly they humor him because he's the chieftan's son.
    Setting stuff: His village is called Stonehome (barbarians are creative people). His father's name is Chieftan Harbruk.

    Terrak, Goliath Warden
    Terrak comes from a village called Arbrusk in the mountains. As part of the adulthood ritual of her people, she needs to make a mark on the world around her, to improve things somehow. She plans to slay an enemy of nature and return with the corpse, and to that end she heads to the Scar.
    She has travelled quite a distance to be here, and she is eagerly collecting anything she can to bring back to Arbrusk. Most people in the village never venture far, and she hopes to return with more than just evidence of her might: she wants to come back with treasure to improve the lives of her people, that they might live in slightly less brutal squalor. This makes her seem greedy at times as she angles for every gold piece and every marketable treasure she can find, but in the end she intends to turn it all over to her people.

    Marin, Githzerai Bard
    Marin sings songs, recites poems, and pisses people off. Professionally. He has a gift for inspiring people or cutting straight to the center of their soul with a well-placed word that verges on unreal.
    Marin has a longstanding rivalry with an elven bard called Ellendar Astrandar. They have always competed for both respect and money, and somehow fate seems to always see fit to bring them back together even when they try to travel away from each other. A month ago, Ellendar composed a particularly cutting series of songs and limericks mocking Marin and calling him a weak, sheltered coward, conflicting with Marin's carefully crafted image as a heroic warrior-poet. Unfortunately, Marin was unable to come up with a fitting response and he became a laughingstock in every town Ellendar visited. To defy his growing negative reputation and create a spectacle that Ellendar couldn't sing his way out of, Marin intends to undertake a grand adventure and perform some great, inspiring deed. Unfortunately, Marin's actually not an experienced hero despite his songs. His ambition has brought him to the Scar, although now that he's here he's not sure exactly how to go about the whole thing.

    Vax, Changeling Sorcerer
    Vax is a petty criminal with a gift for the arcane. He wants to be a schemer and a mastermind, but he's really not smart enough for all that. He does his best to conduct his schemes through mundane skill and clever planning, but when things invariably go to hell he's not afraid to bust out his big mystical fireworks. Unfortunately, he's really not in control of them, and sometimes things just don't go the way he was hoping.
    He's come to this area in search of a great treasure supposedly carried into the Scar by an adventurer who failed to return. He doesn't even know exactly what it is, but his greed overwhelms the mild voice of reason in his mind. The idea of living off the grid for a bit is appealing as well, because he's botched his last few capers quite thoroughly and he's worried that he may have some sherriffs and/or angry fathers on his tail.
    He thoroughly believes that he's brilliant and capable to the point of being superhuman. He's charismatic and quick-tongued enough to make just about anybody else believe that as well... at least, until they see him in action.
    Setting stuff: He has swindled and stolen from many people. In particular, a man named Arman Sammith, sherriff of a mid-sized village some distance away, has sworn revenge for the time when Vax essentially made off with all of the town's valuables. He may or may not be willing to pursue Vax this close to the Scar.

    Kravoc, Dwarf Wizard
    Kravoc has spent nearly his entire life in study. He has endured a considerable amount of taunting and teasing from other dwarves and also everyone else, but he didn't care. Knowledge was his only goal and his only desire.
    It became like an addiction, though. And soon he found himself seeking greater and more arcane knowledge. He devoured everything in any book he could find, and then when he ran out of books it came to him: he needed to know things that nobody else knew! He began to hire mercenaries and adventurers to fetch him books and discover secrets from all around the world. Most of the time they came back until he became obsessed with the subject of the Chaos Scar. None of his hires have returned from the Scar, and he's had enough of funnelling money into it. Most people would give up, but Kravoc HAS TO KNOW. And if you want something done well, apparently you have to haul your inherited warhammer down there and burn it to death with magic yourself.

    I just started posting here in the last week or so, but I've lurked for longer and I usually check every few hours. Posting frequency won't be a problem for me.

  • TalonrazorTalonrazor Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Got some ideas. Quick question: Are Minotaurs allowed, seeing as they are from PH3? Want to submit a few minotaur characters along with some seekers and fighters.

  • kuhlmeyekuhlmeye Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Krull Zahgnar, Half-Orc Ranger
    Krull is a valorous, if sometimes odd, ranger. He grew up in the half-orc city of Thollbane, located not far from where the Chaos Scar is located. As he grew up, he devoted more and more time to hunting the creatures from the deep, honing his fighting skills, while his conversational skills took a dramatic dive. They became so bad that when he tried to join the famed White Dragon Avengers Hunting Lodge (WAHL) he was promptly refused entry due to what the Lodge leaders called "madness". His approval into the Lodge is now based on a task they have sent the young Half-orc on: to investigate parts of the Chaos Scar, and to return with further knowledge of the evils within.

    Krull is an adept warrior, favoring his two blades over the bow he also carries. His time in the wild has made him a little... odd. He doesn't seem to fully have a grasp on the world around him, and also looks down on magic as "party tricks."

    Krull's Quote: "Magic is impressive, but now, Krull leads! Swords for everyone!"

    Disclaimer: The personality of Krull is based on Minsc, because he is awesome.

    I have another application that I will submit tomorrow, but now, laziness ensues.

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  • Ain SophAin Soph Registered User
    edited October 2009
    Vartan the Stormsoul Genasi Swordmage. He's here to get chicks and booze.
    Born to two human parents, Vartan wasn't recognized to be Genasi until as a young boy he was injured in a fall, and the wounds revealed an elemental glow. While not the first Genasi to be born in the human settlement of Irevale, due to the nature of the storm wracked highlands, he was still treated as an outcast. The scars from any injury he took always gave a soft purple glow, indicating he was different than the others around him.
    Leaving Irevale at an early age, Vartan took to drinking heavily. Using any spare coin he could fetch from work as a simple caravan guard on wine and women. Through countless fights, Vartan's knowledge of the sword, and his own elemental powers grew. As did his love of whores and liquor, though. Soon finding himself shunned by the very people he was hired to protect, Vartan was left broke and penny-less. Now hoping traveling to the chaos scar will lead him to untold riches.

  • adventfallsadventfalls Why would you wish to know? Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    So.... when does our fearless leader cut off submissions/make a decision?

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  • FiarynFiaryn Omnicidal Madman Registered User regular
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    It is a mystery to one and all.

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  • HorseshoeHorseshoe Registered User regular
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    InkSplat wrote: »
    Oh, also, Horseshoe, how do you feel about tweaking of damage-type? Like, changing something that does fire damage into something that does psychic so that it fits a character concept a little better?

    If the power says fire damage, it does fire damage. Describe it as you like, but it's still fire damage.
    Talonrazor wrote: »
    Got some ideas. Quick question: Are Minotaurs allowed, seeing as they are from PH3? Want to submit a few minotaur characters along with some seekers and fighters.

    Works for me, there's enough material for them released to make them a player character race.
    So.... when does our fearless leader cut off submissions/make a decision?

    I'll probably leave it open for a week or so.

  • jimninjajimninja Registered User
    edited October 2009
    Orin the Falconer, Beast Master Ranger, and his faithful companion Cutrus, in the lands surrounding the Chaos Scar


    character sheet
    Orin hails from the devastated lands surrounding the Chaos Scar. Predictably, his childhood was rough. His father died as a laborer on the King's Wall when the wretched creatures within mounted an attack; thereafter, Orin pledged to return his homeland to peace with the help of his greatest friend in the world, a falcon he calls Cutrus. He and Cutrus have trained in the art of fighting together, Orin with the blade and Cutrus with the gifts his mother gave him.
    young Orin and Cutrus, best of friends!

    When Orin came of age, he ventured away from the Chaos Scar to test his skills. Now, he is returned, and he wants only to free his homeland from the horrible blight.
    Orin and Cutrus--in control

    this shit is from an old NES game which is totally appropriate to this setting, it made me giddy with nostalgia when I remembered it

  • MaticoreMaticore Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    And I just finished a beast master with Eagle companion. This space to contain characters.

  • Mr_RoseMr_Rose 83 Blue Ridge Protects the Holy Registered User regular
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    The Gnome. Loves. Parties! He heard that Adventurers get to have parties so here he is at the Chaos Scar because he heard that's where all the adventurers are. He claims to have a pet badger called Francis, but no-one's seen it yet and it probably doesn't exist. Possibly it died and The Gnome simply hasn't noticed yet; it's the sort of thing he'd do. Even more likely is that if it ever existed the poor thing simply ran away - most right-thinking people inevitably want to be as far away from The Gnome's incessant stories as possible after somewhat less than thirty seconds of exposure. Possibly fortunately, no-one knows The Gnome's real name as he never shuts up long enough for anyone to ask, though he will tell anyone within earshot (a considerable distance given the surprising power of The Gnome's voice) that he's "a Barbarian" and it's quite possible that he simply believes it enough to make it true, since there's really no other explanation for the tiny, wiry little oaf's astonishing feats of strength.

    ...because dragons are AWESOME! That's why.
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  • bladecruiserbladecruiser Registered User regular
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    Currently in a game run by Infidel playing a defender that kills bandits with opportunity attacks.
    Krivanalandros, Dragonborn Fighter
    "..you think I'm joking!? I'll rip your face off!"

    Krivanalandros, or Kriv for short, has a very short temper. He was cut off from his family at an early age due to his unruly and violent nature. He means well, he really does, but he tends to only see solutions that involve smashing his fists into the problem. The problem can range from a goblin or kobold, to a door that's barred or locked, to even a simple argument over the price of the local ale. As one can expect, this has led to some issues cropping up for Kriv if he stays in any one place for too long.

    Mia, Human Wizard
    "My. Dress. Is. Ruined. You, dragon, will burn!"

    Mia grew up in a life of luxury, at least compared to most others, and now her family's fortune is running out and she has to start taking care of herself. Thinking that it would probably be easier for her to simply magic up some riches than actually go to work for herself, she settled on heading out into the Chaos Scar to see if there were any truth to the rumors of treasure and riches beyond imagination. It stands to reason that any sane person would also believe the rumors of dangerous creatures guarding said riches if they believed the in the riches themselves, but Mia has a very selective belief system and the dangerous creatures are, fortunately, -not real- and aren't an issue.

    Vagabond, Half-Elf Swordmage
    "Where do you think you're going?"

    Vagabond is a wandering fighter that mixes a natural aptitude for magic with his fighting prowess to help keep foes well within reach of his longsword. He prefers not to divulge much about his past, though he seems to be fairly strong and capable which suggests some sort of military background. Anyone that has been near him for any lengthy period of time quickly realizes that once he sets his sights on something, he pursues it with a single minded passion that isn't seen in very many people.

    ...danke schön, danke schön...
  • FiarynFiaryn Omnicidal Madman Registered User regular
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    Man if nothing else I'm having fun reading through this deluge of character submissions.

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  • hotranhotran Registered User
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    Veris, Elven Thief

    Veris was born in a small, muddy village in a forest near the Chaos Scar. His parents, followers of Corellon, were skilled crafters, making weapons and clever jewelry out of the meager resources the forest provided by day, and taking their turn at entertaining the village with song by night. Try as he might, Veris had a hard time following in his parents' footsteps. Beautiful was the last thing anyone would call the results of his pitiful attempts at craftsmanship. His singing was no better, and his dancing had a gangly quality reminiscent of a sick goat.

    The one activity Veris tried that Corellon seemed to smile upon, when his fingers moved with the expected grace, when he could put not a foot wrong, was when he stole. In a village as poor as his, thievery seemed like no blessing at all. With no desire to bring shame to his parents, but unwilling to smother the one gift he possessed, Veris took to the road. He spent a while in the Nentir Vale, during which time the gem vaults of Hammerfast and the storehouses of Fallcrest found themselves pilfered of their choicest baubles on more than one occasion. After an attempted break in to Nimozaran's tower (Veris was after the old wizard's guild membership fees) went south, he was forced to flee Fallcrest with little more than the clothes on his back. Veris took the opportunity to swing back towards home, and see what the land surrounding the Chaos Scar has to offer.

    I can't find a cool pic, so Appearance
    Veris is at the small end of normal elf size, with dark, moss-green hair and bright violet eyes. He normally wears well-worn clothes of dark brown leather under a vest of dark leather armor. He keeps two daggers sheathed in a belt that closes with a small, intricately detailed buckle shaped like a bear's head, made of polished hardwood; the piece was made by his mother. He usually has his shurikens hung, bandolier-style, from a belt across his chest.

    I might post another character later, but playing the rogue seems like it would be fun 8-)

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    Added some pictures for my submissions and tidied them up. And throwing one more into the mix.

    Reita Kilvas, Tiefling Warlock
    "Tell me where I can find this power and I make your death relatively painless."
    Rieta was the last scion of an accursed line of warlocks. Under the watchful eye of her mother, Reita grew in power. In the back of her mind ever since she hit puberty, dark voices have spoken to her. When she became an adult, she indulged fully in her dark magics for the first time and fleetingly gazed upon great and horrible magics. She is convinced that there is great power waiting in the Chaos Scar for those who will take it.

    She is manipulative, charismatic, and a powerful ally. Just don't get in her way when she sees an opportunity to increase her power.

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    Seeing as this might be as suitable a thread as anyone else... are there any good resources for new players wanting to venture into this PBF deal? I acquired the player handbook yesterday so have some reading to do, but surely that is all the material I need if I just want to play? That and grokking whatever tools you guys use for maps, dices etc...

    (never played D&D, but have quite a bit of experience from WoD).

  • samurai6966samurai6966 Registered User
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    Player's Handbook is all you need really, but Character Builder that you can find here is a great tool as it does the math for you. Also make it were you don't need every handbook to build a character although having them lets you get a better idea of how that character is normally played. The link will give you the demo. If you become an Insider (like me :P) you can get the full version with monthly upgrades for $9.99 a month for up to 5 computers. The demo CB lets you level up your character to level 3 while the full version lets you go up to 30 (or more, I'm just too lazy to really start up the program and look it up.)

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    Yeah, some times I just want to get my farm in shape without being bothered by green explosive dildos.
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    Brom Swampgale (Human Storm Sorcerer)


    Brom was born into a small fishing village in the depths of the Atrusian Swamplands. His youth was filled with the tedium of dredging the slimy filth of the swamp pulling small shell fish up for their meat and an occasional pearl. On days where Brom really did not want to go to work interesting things began to happen, such as a bright sunny day suddenly becoming nasty thunderstorms.

    At the age of 18 Brom came to realize that the weather actually obeyed his will. He would sneak off into the woods and practice his new found talents bringing lightening down even on the clearest of days and summoning thunderous winds to carry away the foul stench of the swamps.

    At 22 the villagers discovered Brom's talents and being the backwater hicks that they were drove him off thinking him a warlock or some foul demon-spawn that would bring disaster.

    How often do I post?
    I read the D&D discussion thread several times a day. I am in a game here on the boards at current and have run two games here in the past. I can post at least once a day and usually more than that.

    “So there I was elbow deep in swamp muck grabbing hold of what I thought must be a relic of some sort. It was hard as a rock and had spines… never felt anything like it. I pull and pull thinking This is my ticket out of this back water dump. When just then POP the thing comes up and what is it?

    A freaking rock-gator! Damn thing nearly took my arm off! Well I scramble back like a little crawfish. The hair on my arms starts to rise and BAM lightening out of the clear blue sky strikes the thing dead.

    Yup that is the first time I used my power…, course I had no idea I’d done it at the time.
    What’d we do with the gator? Well we ate it of course. Tasted like chicken.”

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    Diodoros Pitanos, Resourceful Tiefling Warlord, now with more Orokos!
    Diodoros grew up disenfranchised and impoverished in a small community of Tieflings in a backwater duchy. His family consistently blamed their situation on the Dragonborn in the neighboring hamlet, either not realizing or not caring that the other hamlet was just as disenfranchised and impoverished as they. Eventually, Diodoros became enamored of the history of the great Tiefling empire of ages past--Bael Turath. He spent countless hours 'studying' it, which is to say he pursued furiously every half-baked rumor and legend that made its way to his ears. He has very little to show for it except a surprisingly well-preserved but thoroughly unremarkable shield dating to the last dynasty of the fallen empire.

    He made his way into the larger world by signing on to the Duke's militia, and then a passing mercenary group. His delight in tall tales has not waned, and when he heard of the Chaos Scar, his mind flickered back to a scrap of graffiti he had seen in a moldering guard tower of questionably Turathian origin: 'Turath will rise again!' Taking this in the most literal sense of the world, he comes to the Scarred lands to investigate 'very reliable' rumors that the original demons with whom Bael Turath had sealed his unholy pact had in fact crawled forth from the earth and brought him with them, where he musters his power in preparation for Tiefling hegemony on the Material Plane once more!

    When pressed about his beliefs on the Scar:
    No, you should read about it. I've got a parchment on it somewhere by a noted scholar, he's really dug deep into it--he's found out the stuff that the Big Mages don't want you to know.

  • samurai6966samurai6966 Registered User
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    I'm thinking about putting someone up here. How long is recruiting open and whats the list of submissions already in?

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    Yeah, some times I just want to get my farm in shape without being bothered by green explosive dildos.
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    Nex, Changeling Assassin

    "Oh hello, I'm sorry I think I'm lost. Can you tell me where the galle-WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU?!?" *shank*

    Nex, the third son of seven from his father Nord, trained Assassin from the School of the White Glove, hardened killer and consummate spy. Nex isn't out to make a name for himself; point of fact, he takes every precaution to make sure his name is never known. He is, however, out to make a good living practicing his craft on the borders of civilized society.

    Nex's past wasn't particularly traumatic, considering he was a son and student of one of the best assassins of the western lands who lived a life of hunting and being hunted in infrequent and random turns. In fact he almost has fond memories of the many, many nights where his father would rush into the room, tell the children they were leaving in two minutes, and then watch as Nex and his siblings raced to see who could pack up their valuables the fastest onto whatever horse or donkey he'd stolen this time. This continued until Nex was 13, and a night passed where his father didn't return. That night became a week, then a month. His eldest brother took the other five children to safety in a nearby village where they've been living peacably ever since as farmers and artisans, but Nex chose to follow his father, finding the Order of the White Glove and joining their ranks to train to be an assassin and, hopefully, learn about the death of his father someday.

    Classes were rigorous and lethal, in a very literal sense of the word. One one in ten students graduate, and those that fail never have a chance to leave with the secrets they know. On Nex's graduation, at age 18, he was given his gloves, his tools, and his freedom, and also a name: Sirus Brigham, the Lord of Dragontooth Keep and the man his father was sent to kill on the night of his disappearance. Nex has never done anything with this information; he's not half the killer his father was, and if this Lord took him out what chance does he have? But someday he will be better, be the best, and on that day he will go to that Keep. He will find that Lord. He will tie him down. He will poke him with swords until he learns every last detail of that night. And then, when all is said and done, he will finish the job his father could not.

    This makes two submissions for me, after William 'Chocolate' Harris, Gnome Cunning Bard

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    I've never done a PbP adventure but I have been fiending to play some 4e lately and I am eager to get some action. So uh, here we go.

    Barnago Ilorhein, Half-Elf Prescient Bard

    Barnago has mostly gotten through life scraping along by the skin of his teeth. Through his own cunning wit, silky tongue, uncanny luck and knack for prediction he has built a reputation for himself as being notoriously slippery. Abandoned by his human mother at a young age, Barnago grew up rubbing elbows with the more seedy side of his urban stomping grounds. Running small heists, trafficking in illicit goods and sometimes acting as hired thug, Barnago made a modest living for himself, but never desired to rise very high in the ranks of the crime world.

    He yearned for something bigger, more lucrative, more exciting, or maybe he was simply bored of quietly slipping away from jobs gone bad while his friends and comrades were arrested or killed plying their often bloody trades. A strong wanderlust, and the "scar" were calling. Noone came out of that place alive, but then, Barnago was practically untouchable. There was a destiny in that dark place with his name written on it.

  • destroyah87destroyah87 Registered User regular
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    Interest. Very much Interest.

    Characters go here:

    Urza Tanaka:
    "There is no problem that cannot be solved by the correct application of arcane force."
    Raised by his uncle, Urza took quickly to the arcane arts. When he wasn't learning the ways of the artificer, Urza helped his uncle run a shop specializing in rare artifacts. Currently he's in the area near the King's Wall, investigating reports of mystic artifacts brought from beyond the Wall. Though he was told in no uncertain terms to not go past the wall, Urza's not so good at following instructions...

    "Yes, I am an agent of Avandra. Yes, I am short. Yes, I am a gnome. Anything else you'd like to tell me about myself?"
    Kudai has been a servant of Avandra's will for many years. He prayed for a safe path when escaping the band of slavers that ransacked his home. Avandra heard his pleas and granted him the path he sought. In return, he pledged to seek out one of her few monasteries and work in her service. In time, he proved himself and was granted a small portion of her power. That was close to twenty years ago, now Kudai has been charged to travel to the Chaos Scar and see what change, good or ill, has been wrought there. To aid in this task, Avandra appeared before him and set a shard of her presence within his very soul. Thus forever marking him as an Invoker of Avandra.

    "I keep my blade sharp and it keeps me alive."
    Fleeing the destruction of his clan, Dokhan descended into the lowlands and sold his skills with the blade for food and shelter. Now he journeys to the Chaos Scar out of curiosity of the region and to offer his blade to anyone with the coin to retain his services.

    Balthor Brassbeard:
    "Storms are as beautiful as they are dangerous, never forget their power as you marvel at their beauty."
    Born high in the mountains, Balthor's childhood was the same as any dwarf raised in Thunderhome. He played in the tunnels, learned their dangers, and watched the mountain storms vent their fury upon air and earth alike. At the age of twelve he asked to be initiated into the Stormtouched. In his travels as an adult, Balthor has never heard of any group like the Stormtouched, they are a group of dwarves that watch over Thunderhome and adhere to the old ways of the shaman. He was accepted into their ranks and began working his way upwards. Eventually he was deemed ready to take the shamanistic rite that would proclaim him a true Stormtouched. He was tattooed with marks representing the unstoppable power of the storm and the unmoving strength of the earth. Then meditated on the mountain's peak during a stormy night on the duality of nature. In the morning he returned with his spirit companion, a hulking mountain boar. After a few years of protecting Thunderholm, Balthor asked for and received permission to travel, to learn more of nature's ways. He has journeyed to the Chaos Scar after hearing rumors of the strange flora and fauna that grow in its shadow.

    Despite lack of posting activity around these parts lately, I can and have posted many times a day. If necessary, I can make more characters or flesh out these here more fully.

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  • adventfallsadventfalls Why would you wish to know? Registered User regular
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    Indeed. Our prospective DM may not need a week for characters.

    He'll need a month to decide on which ones.

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    I was originally going to post some characters but I'm not going to have the time. Oh well.

    Mr_Rose, what are those images from?

  • TiamatZTiamatZ Freeze...and burn! Double TroubleRegistered User regular
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    With this many cool submissions here, I think I'll skip making a character.

    Eager to read this thread, no matter who gets chosen.

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    Wembley wrote: »
    I was originally going to post some characters but I'm not going to have the time. Oh well.

    Mr_Rose, what are those images from?
    You mean my portrait of The Gnome?

    Windows7's snip tool and the video for Monster Manual 2, uploaded to photobucket (the frame is from their edit tool).

    ...because dragons are AWESOME! That's why.
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