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X 3, in which with drive long, hard ships into tight, quivering gates

The Black HunterThe Black Hunter Registered User regular
edited April 2010 in Singularity Engine++
He opened the command console, selecting the targeting mainframe.

His finger hovered over the the hologram, "Argon", as if in hesitation, but he knew he would do it, he had planned this.

He pushed his finger through the pulsing blue light that somehow occupied the the air and felt the familiar tingle of the electronic feedback

His finger slowly moved over the new menu, he held his finger over the little square of blue, the one that would change the galaxy forever, and almost violently pushed his finger through it.

"Argon race set to enemy"

And the space light up with hundreds of bolts of plasma, light and the glowing tails of warheads, as his fleet of painstakingly acquired fighters, corvettes and cruisers charged forth to forge his empire.

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