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Somewhere, Someday

celandinecelandine Registered User regular
edited February 2010 in Singularity Engine++
Under the influence of a good friend, I've decided that when I want to do something, I'll actually do it. It would be a shame to say, "Oh, I wish I had ...X" when you're old.

So, trusty forumites, what do you want to do before you die, and when do you plan to do it?

My own top ten:
1. Learn American history (already starting, with Eric Foner and so on.)
2. Learn Latin (I’ll start when I get my first acceptance letter of some kind and the stress eases.)
3. Learn Talmud (Starts Monday!!!)
4. Camp outside (how the hell will this EVER happen?)
5. Spend time volunteering for real (possibly this summer.)
6. Learn to shoot a gun. (Gotta wait till I meet a gunny person or make money.)
7. Climb a mountain. (see #4.)
8. Go to Gettysburg or Lexington & Concord. (see #4.)
9. Become a good amateur powerlifter. (Will take a couple years but I’m doing the right things.)
10. Go to Burning Man. (I really don’t know what I could contribute since I’m not an artist; this is the dreamiest of the dreams.)

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