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Really tacky shit?

galenbladegalenblade Registered User regular
edited February 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
OK. So here's the thing. I have a job putting together events and contests for groups. Teambuilding events for coworkers, I've done stuff for bachelor parties, and I have a sweet sixteen coming up.

Now usually when I do these events, I offer little prizes for winning teams. But I usually try to make them obnoxiously tacky, and possibly even slightly embarrassing. For example, I've given out the follwing things:
  • A garden gnome spraypainted gold
  • A statue of a troll picking his nose
  • A scale alcohol barrel made of bronze with a smiling face on it
  • A piggy bank covered nose to tail with bright pink glitter
  • A porcelain arm
  • A coconut carved to look like two monkeys smoking a bong

I've usually found these things through yard sales, junk stores, or whatnot. Problem is that they can get expensive, and that I can't reliably find interesting stuff. So I wanted to ask if anyone knows of any good resources online that sell stuff like this. I do have a regular supplier of gnomes (don't ask), but anything weird and offbeat would be useful.

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