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[mini] Sealab 2021 - Game Over - Village Victory!

Rawkking GoodguyRawkking Goodguy Registered User regular
edited March 2010 in Critical Failures
This is the year 2021.

The place is the challenger sea mountain, the top of an underwater mountain. A complex beneath the sea. A hundred men and women live here. Each of them, a scientist pioneer. For this is our last frontier, a hostile environment which may hold the key to -

"Captain Murphy....with all due respect, could you stop watching the employee introductory video tell us why you summoned us here?"

"Oh! Well...well I thought we could all use a break from our hard work and came up with a game for us to play."

Of course. Murphy had summoned the crew there for an "urgent matter" after all.

"*sigh* Of course. I know I'm going to regret asking this, but what kind of game."

"We assign code names to everyone in this room anonymously, and vote out one code name every day to spend the rest of the game in our detention facility."

"...you mean just take them out of the game, right?

"No, no. Our detention facilities need to be utilized. Their lack of use means that crime aboard sea lab is running rampant!"

"...you do realize the crew members here perform vital jobs for the operation of Sealab? And that they can't do those if they're in detention?"

".......I vote for Quinn."

"That's not my codename."




"...does it start with a "k"?"

"...you haven't given me one yet."

"Well then I vote for Quinn."


"Uh, guys? We actually do have a problem now."

"A problem greater than ensuring democracy occurs?"

"...yeah. Sure. While you two were chatting an uncleared submarine just deposited a group of men into the water outside Sealab, who then forcefully entered through the diving bay. We have unknown intruders inside of Sealab."


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