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The Martin Jetpack

RandomEngyRandomEngy Registered User regular
edited March 2010 in Debate and/or Discourse
Glenn Martin, from New Zealand, has invented a jetpack.


You may have read about other jetpacks. They have enough fuel for about 26 seconds of flight, need special fuel and are very difficult to fly.

What's special about this one? It can run for 30 minutes, with a range of 30 miles, goes up to 60 mph and up to 8000 feet. It runs on a 5 gallon tank of premium gasoline. It's stable enough that people can quickly learn to fly it. It can carry a 240 lb person. When mass production is started, it will cost around $75,000. And it falls within the FAA Part 103 Ultralight regulations. Which means you don't need a pilot's license to fly it.

This won't be the kind of thing you fly to work (the range, MPG and restrictions on flying it over neighborhoods and populated areas and such), but would be a recreational vehicle similar to a jetski that you might take out to the country and fly around.

I have not really seen a huge "catch" so far about it. Is the future finally arriving?

RandomEngy on
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