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April Fools - 2010

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Stealing EBM's post from last year.
EvilBadman wrote: »
We find ourselves at the magical time of year where print magazines, if they still existed or if anyone read them, would have overwhelmed us with ridiculous April Fool's gags. This thread is to wade through the bullshit that will be inundating our internet tubes in the coming week and to relive some of the previous years pranks.

In Recent Memory:

2008 - IGN Releases The Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer
Strangely preceded by .gifs appearing on various websites, IGN drops the bomb, and it doesn't look as terrible as many other video game movies end up being.

2007 - Think Geek's 8-Bit Tie
Stylish and nerdy, Think Geek eventually produced and sold the tie due to incredible demand.

2003 (?) - Pandarens join Warcraft 3 as 5th Race
Blizzard shot up an entire mini-site to the lovable furballs. The Frozen Throne did see the birth of Pandaren Brewmaster mecenary units, and the pen and paper gamers based on World Of Warcraft allows the creation of Pandaren heroes.

2002 - EGM "reveals" how to unlock Sonic and Tails in Super Smash Brothers Melee
And the internet is still reeling, even after Brawl's release.

2001 - Bungie announces Pimps at Sea
And every year they add a little to it. There's even a T-Shirt. A man can dream.

April Fool's! It's Actually REAL!
Games that have been announced during late march that lead to skepticism are few and far between, but Nights (Wii), Mario and Sonic at the Summer Games, and Rock Band were in fact not figments of our collective imagination.

What's in-store for '09?

Habitual offenders such as Blizzard, ThinkGeek and IGN undoubtedly have tricks up their sleeves, and until then the following images are placeholders.

busted.jpg plausible.jpg confirmed.jpg

Until that magical day happens stumbles us again, let's talk about our favorite gags from yesteryear.

Just because I really love Google.jp's new Japanese IME keyboard and wanted to post it.



Japanese is such a silly language.

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