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[WoW] [Clawshrimp and Co] Inactive Alliance PVE Guild on Draenor-US

NoisymunkNoisymunk Let's go down to the beach.Rhode IslandRegistered User regular
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We're dead, Jim. Most of our accounts are going to be inactive by the end of the year. There's a very slim chance that we will reanimate for the next expansion.

A lot of friendships were forged in this guild, friendships that have persevered in the offline world. Members of Clawshrimp & Co go to PAX together, go on vacations together, visit our homes and share food and drink together. It seems to be a rare experience to meet people in these Massively Multiplayer Online games and truly enjoy their company in real life. I know Creidhe and I have certainly found our lives all the richer for knowing you.

Ultimately the death blow was struck by Garalon. The raids of Pandaria were poorly optimized for a 10 man raiding guild, and we found ourselves increasingly hard up for pure stats and attendance. Unfortunately, Flex-Raiding came too late. We might have made a recruitment push and rolled on with more than 10 raid members at a time, but our passion had waned. Ah well.

Thank you. All of you. It's been a great game.

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