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Kamen Rider Double/OOO: Bro, Have You Seen My Underwear?

OwenashiOwenashi Registered User regular
edited January 2011 in Singularity Engine++

It looks goofy as heck but the Kamen Rider concept managed to last in Japanese media since it's birth in 1971. I've ended up watching the three recent series and out of the three, I can probably best recommend the latest one, Kamen Rider W (or Double) for anyone who wants to give this stuff a try. The series is set in Futo, a city set 'somewhere' in Japan much like Angel Grove was set 'somewhere' in the US. The city's is known for two things: a love of wind (to the point the top monument's a tower-sized wind turbine) and a serious addiction problem among the citizens. The latter's not due to liquor or hardcore drugs though but due to these.


Called Gaia Memories, they look like fancy but otherwise innocent-looking USB flash-drives. That is until the owner uses the connector port implanted somewhere on their body to jack it in, turning them into a (usually rubber-suited) monster called a Dopant. The rush of power as well as the toxins the Gaia Memory release while in a person's body drives the user eventually insane and can even kill them with prolonged use. The only one who can save both the crackhead inside of the monster as well as the city from serious property damage is Kamen Rider. However, this time it's not just one guy inside of the bug-eyed suit.


The one with the hat is Shotaro Hidari, self-proclaimed hardboiled (or 'half-boiled' in the opinion of others) private detective of the Narumi Detective Agency and walking billboard of the fictional Windscale fashion brand. The one with the hairclips is Philip, Shotaro's partner who happens to be a living search engine for the Gaia Library (picture the gunrack-room from the first Matrix movie but with a crapload more bookshelves instead). The two usually handle cases that end up involving Dopants. When it's time to fight, the pair break out their own collection of Gaia Memories (used safely via their Double Dealer transformation belt) and turn into this guy below.


A walking rainbow of beatdown, Double is Shotaro's body (focused on the black/grey/blue side of Double) with Philip's mind added to the mix (focused on the green/red/yellow half). Battles usually have the pair telling Dopants to 'count their crimes' before they work together to knock the Gaia Memory out of the monster, swapping the two they're using at the moment with the rest of the six they own in mid-fight to adapt to any problems.

In Japan, Luna's power of 'illusion' apparently means 'stretchy limbs'

If you want to understand what they're saying, Youtube's got subs from two translation groups: TV-Nihon (they use more flashy subtitles and keep Japanese honorifics in) and Order Of Zeronos (they translate the honorifics into something more understandable but has been noted not to be proofread too well). Episode 36 came out today which means the series is past the two-thirds mark if they end it around episode 48 or so like they usually do with Kamen Rider series.

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