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[Mini] Green Lantern - Blackest Phalla (GAME OVER) Death Wins on a Technicality

The_ReflectionThe_Reflection Registered User regular
edited June 2010 in Critical Failures


The dead have risen, and now the wielders of the light must band together to make sure Nekron and his Black Lantern Corps. do not extinguish all life from the universe.

This is a mini phalla, all normal rules apply. If you aren't familiar with phalla, read this topic.

This game however is special. This is a FACTION game. There are colors of light in the emotional spectrum.

RED - The color of Rage. Attrocitus and his flock have purged their hearts of all emotion just pure, blinding hate. They know nothing but violence, and murder. Under the circumstances, however, they have put aside their quest for vengeance on Sinestro and the Green Lanterns to help put the Black Lanters back in the ground, where they belong.

ORANGE - The color of Avarice. Larfleeze, AKA Agent Orange, is the sole wielder for the Orange Light. The light of avarice shine bright in him, as it has for billions of years. Larfleeze wants anything and covets everything. It wasn't until it was pointed out to him that he can't hoard if everything is dead, that agreed to help fight against the Black Lanterns.

YELLOW - The color of Fear. Sinestro was once the greatest Green Lantern. A champion of the corps, he taught Hal Jordan all he knows about ring slinging. Then Jordan discovered how Sinestro rules his own planet, under an iron fist fueled by the fear of his awesome power. When Siestro was kicked out of the corps, he swore vengeance on Jordan and the Guradians. Now, with help from the weaponers of Qward, Sinestro harnesses the Yellow light of Fear, and commands his corps on an all out war on the Green Lanterns so that they may rule the galaxy as Sinestro sees fit.

GREEN - The color of Will. The Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern corps act as interstellar cops. Bring peace and justice to the whole universe. Fueled entirely by will, The Green Lanterns just want to make sure life is preserved and Nekron is put down for good.

BLUE - The color of Hope. Guardians of the Universe Ganthet and Sayd left Oa when the other Guardians said all other emotions must be purged of their light for the good of all life. They believed that without Hope, life was useless. Now they serve the Blue light, spreading hope to all.

INDIGO - The color of Compassion - Nothing is really known about the Indigo Tribe.

Violet - The color of Love - The Star Sapphires control the light of Love. A corps comprised mainly of women, they look to fill the hole in the hearts of those who need their guidance.

BLACK - The color of Death. Nekron, Lord of Death, has risen to finally end the perversion to the universe that is Life. Life is wrong, it's chaotic and terrible. Death is peace. Everyone is equal in Death. His goal is to bring peace to every corner of existence.

Each color has its corps and each have its own goals. While all the colored corps have a primary objective to destroy Nekron and all his black lanterns, some may have secondary goals. YOU CAN NOT WIN UNLESS YOU MEET ALL YOUR GOALS! There are no minor victories in universal war. You Can win posthumously, but if your entire corps is eliminated and your light is extinguished, your corps cannot claim victory whatsoever.

There may be conversions, but anyone you start off masoned with is 100% on your side to begin with.
There may be resurrections, so no talking to the dead, or dead talking to the living, under any circumstances (other than the allowed one ghost post of course).

SPECIAL RULE: Role Calls are FORBIDDEN!!!!! If you try a roll call, insta-death. No warnings.

Actions must be sent by PM. Actions on proboards will NOT be accepted. But do invite me to any proboards made.

Activity rules: You must make at least two posts a night and one vote to stay active. Unactivity for even one night results in calling down the undiscovered ninth emotional spectrum, THE INACTIVUS CORPS, and brother you do not want to tangle with them.

Nights will end at 8pm Pacific Standard Time.


The vote is an unblockable kill comprised of pure white light. It kills anyone.

Black Lanterns (the mafia) can only be killed two ways that you know of. The vote, or a combination of an attack from Green light and any other color. Of course, there may be another way.

This is a 25 player game
10 - daniant
13 - INeedNoSalt
21 - Kime


5 - Forcevoid
6 - Shusknik
7 - REG Rysk


Night one

Toxic Toys - Munk of the Indigo Tribe - Death by white light
Dunadan - Kilowog of the Green Lantern Corps - Death by nWo Wolfpac (The Red and Black Attack)

Night two

Jaysonfour - Black Lantern Martian Manhunter - Connection Severed
Sir Fabulous - Saint Walker of the Blue Lantern Corp - Harvested
Svenska - Vice of the Red Lantern Corps - Harvested
The Anonymous - Bleez of the Red Lantern Corp - Scared to death and the victim of Identity Theft

Night three

Romantic Undead - Black Lantern Aquaman - White Out
Romanqwerty - Ganthet of the Blue Lantern Corps - Harvested
Arivia - Carrol Farris of the Star Sapphires - Hated to Death
Lonelyahava - Fatality of the Star Sapphires - Halloween'd (Black and Orange)
Ringo - Indigo-1 of the Indigo Tribe - Killed by her own Compassion
LoserforhireX - Cyborg Superman of the Sinestro Corps - Arrested

Arivia has returned to the game
Ringo has returned to the game
Romanqwerty has returned to the game

Night Four

Romanqwerty - Black Lantern Ganthet - Put down
TheLawinator - Black Lantern Black Hand - Christmas'd (Red and Green)
Arivia - Black Lantern Carrol Farris - Captured and detained
Demurist - Green Lantern Kyle Rayner - Harvested
Wildcast - Green Lantern Guy Gardener - Harvested
Garroad_Ran - Green Lantern John Stewart - Harvested

Night Five

Phyphor - Nekron, Lord of Death - Saw the Light
EBFan - Mogo of the Green Lantern Corp - Harvested
Samurai6966 - Sinestro - Victim of Identity Theft

Night Six

Ringo - Black Lantern Indigo-1 The last to fall
Jackisreal - Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps Torn in two

LoserforhireX has returned to the game
Arivia has returned to the game
Jackisreal has returned to the game

Night Seven

Arivia - Black Lantern Carrol Farris - Bored herself to death
Daniant - Red Lantern Atrocitus - Harvested
Capfalcon - Red Lantern Dex-Starr - Harvested

Daniant has returned to the game

Night Eight

Jackisreal - Black Lantern Hal Jordan - white'd
Loserforhirex - Cyborg Superman - harvested
Extermatott - The Anti-Monitor - Harvested

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