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White-Flight doesn't work for shit[Resolution pg 22]NEW FRESH HELL pg24

StaleStale Registered User regular
edited June 2010 in Singularity Engine++
Ya know, I pay good god damned money to live in a nice part of town. Soul-less, sub-urban sprawl. Gates and fences, whole nine.

Today? Today I go down the elevator to find this bullshit:



You know, usually, I don't even lock my doors. I don't keep anything worth stealing in the car itself. But since it's summer-time and kids are more prone to do stupid shit, I had started in the last couple weeks.

and this happens. They also unlocked my doors and rolled my windows down. Why? To spite me, thats why.

I call up the cops, "yeah we've seen a lot of this the last few weeks"

I call up my insurance agent, "Yeah, thats terrible, but this is not a theft, it's vandalism, so that'll be a $2500 deductible, too bad they didn't just steal the car"

Yes fuck-wad.... too bad for me huh?

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