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[Mini-Phalla] Musical Chairs - Day 9, solo win for the village idiot!

Dunadan019Dunadan019 Registered User regular
edited July 2010 in Critical Failures
Musical Chairs Mini-Phalla


:whistle:This is a very simple faction game.... with a twist.
both factions will start with equal numbers and abilities
each's goal to eliminate the other...

But this is a game of musical chairs
and when the music stops,
you won't end up in the same chair.

It may be a different chair
that may not have the same ability....
or the same faction.:whistle:

To put it simply, roles (which contain faction and power) will be reassigned every night. Voting will still be done in red and the winner will die with their ability being removed from the game. Most other abilities will be handled in the same or similar manner with their effects taking place before the switch at the end of the day.

Screenshots and direct quotes of role PMs are not allowed (though that won't matter much now will it?). Anonymous contact and communication with the dead is also a nono. Send me a link to any proboards made during this game (as unlikely as that is).

Vote ties will not be handled by RNG, trickledown or everyone dying and thats all I'll say on that. All clarifications should be in ORANGE but i can't garuntee that you'll get an answer.

A Warning: Revealing your role on the day you have your role for reasons of forming some sort of network is likely to be a bad move regardless of role.

Inactivity: As is standard, the minimum is two posts and a vote. Inactivity deaths will occur based on my own secret set amount of time. Do not try to find out what that is.

Day ends at 9:00 PM EDT (GDT-5) each day. Narration will appear sometimes before 10:00 EDT (GDT-5) each day. All orders and votes must be time stamped before 9:00 PM EDT (GDT-5) in order to count.


Sign up in standard lime. The game will start when I have an appropriate number between 24 and 30 players


[Strike]1. The Anonymous - Veteran[/Strike]
2. Enlightenedbum
[Strike]3. Romanian My Escutcheon, Doxy - Veteran[/Strike]
[Strike]4. Capfalcon - [strike]Backup[/strike] Veteran[/Strike]
5. Jdarksun
[Strike]6. Orange Soda - Prankster[/Strike]
[Strike]7. Toxic Toys - Leader[/Strike]
8. Teucrian
[Strike]9. Lucedes - Bully[/Strike]
[Strike]10. Daniant - Setup Gal[/Strike]
[Strike]11. Hippie - Chair Saver[/Strike]
[Strike]12. Ultarune - [strike]Backup[/strike] Veteran[/Strike]
[Strike]13. [strike]Look Out It's Sabs![/strike]Darian - New Guy[/Strike] (VICTORIOUS)
[Strike]14. romanqwerty - New Guy[/Strike]
[Strike]15. LoserforHireX - New Guy[/Strike]
[Strike]16. Ringo - Bully[/Strike]
[Strike]17. bratr - Cheater[/Strike]
[Strike]18. Tiphareth - Backup[/Strike]
[Strike]19. Mr. Defecation - Chair Saver[/Strike]
[Strike]20. Shushnik - Leader[/Strike]
[Strike]21. Locus - Setup Guy[/Strike]
[Strike]22. Zellpher - Backup[/Strike]
[Strike]23. Robos A Go Go - Cheater[/Strike]
[Strike]24. tzeechling - New Guy[/Strike]


Dunadan019 on


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