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BucketmanBucketman Dyslexic PuppySkraggle RockRegistered User regular
edited January 2011 in Singularity Engine++
So guys, theres this game, you may of heard about it, its call

Basically its a really cool card game where you spend all your money and keep spending it for forever. The new core set is coming out in a few days. Isn't that cool?

Lets talk about how awesome our decks are. Personally my friends and I don't play by Type 2 rules (basically the current set, base set, and previous set are only the only ones you can use) so we have crazy broken decks with mixes of old cards and new.

So come on gang, lets gather, with Magic.

Everyone loves new sets! Scars of Mirrodin is set to come out the firs of October, and while the majority of the spoilers are coming down in about a week or 2, we have a couple. I get all my info at Gathering Magic.

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