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[NY/NJ] forumer hangouts and temporary Bogart marriage thread

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So this is a thread for coordinating some upcoming get togethers in the NYC and New Jersey area.

this is sort of a little more specific way to relay messages via chat and hope everyone gets them, so post ideas or info about plans and what have you, and we'll add em here.

(but really who doesn't want to hang out with this guy
you know you do!
and there will be other considerably less scary individuals as well! Maybe!)

We have a small contingent of forumers, primarily from the D&D section, who get together on a fairly regular basis and new folks or visitors from strange and foreign lands (like Philadelphia or the G&T forum, or wherever) are always welcome to join us. We love to eat new-- er meet new people! Yes, yes. Meet.

Going to be in the NY/NJ area and want to hang out with people you may have met on the forums? Yes? Jolly good then.

additional pertinent information will be added to the header as specific events are planned, which will include who to PM for their address info or phone number in the event that you don't already have it, when the time comes.


Upcoming Stuff:

  • visiting the secret lair of YamiNoSenshi and his lady IrishRodent, here are the deets as per Mr. NoSenshi, emphasis mine:
    Ok, here we go.

    I said I would have a party for D&D and I meant it. So, Saturday August 7th at my place in Belleville, NJ. I live here, in unit A12. There are plenty of buses and trains and light rail around. There's also a decent amount of guest parking facing the hedge. If you need a ride from a local transit station, let me know and we'll work something out.

    I plan to be ready for guests as early as 6pm, and I plan on running until everyone leaves or passes out. We've got a pull out couch, a futon, and plenty of floor space for people who want to crash. For anyone who arrives on the earlier side, I'll probably do some kind of dinner if people want to be fed. Let me know if you have any allergies or other dietary restrictions. There will be snacks and booze, mostly beer unless I get other requests.

    As for activities, expect the normal geek fare. Rock Band, Smash Bros, New Mario Wii, etc. People are welcome to bring anything they want. I have all the major consoles and there's room for whatever. I do request that a few people bring Xbox or Wii controllers, since I only have 2 of each. The only caveat is that we need to keep the noise to a reasonable level after about midnight. I do live on the third floor and plan to be here for several more years, so I'd like to stay amiable with my downstairs neighbor. Other than that, anything goes. And if Sarksus makes it, anything will go.

    Shoot me a PM or email (YamiNoSenshi @ gmail.com) if you'd like to attend.

    So far the RSVPs for Yami (that I know of! and that don't appear to be a joke):

    yaminosenshi & irishrodent (if they weren't here itd be real awkward yknow)
    nexus & tape
    spawnbroker & alyceinwonderland


    Irond Will?!
    (I heard a rumor)

    Please PLEASE please RSVP to YaminoSenshi! Yams needs a headcount; as soon as you know you are going to be there, tell him!
    Other things re: the 7th:
    So, we're at less than a week out...:

    If you have any kind of food allergy or other restriction (vegetarian, no dairy, etc) let me know. I'm probably going to do a few prepared dishes in addition to chips and stuff. And if anyone wants dinner I can do that as well. I love cooking, so it's not a problem.

    What kind of beer and alcohol would people prefer? I'll probably go to the nice liquor store this week. There's one nearby for 'emergencies', but I'd like to get as much as possible from the nicer, cheaper one.

    If people are driving, park facing the hedge. There should be plenty of space. If you're coming via public transportation, let me know if you need to be picked up somewhere. Also, if you want my phone number for any reason, PM me. We're unit 12 on the third floor. Our buzzer is on the door facing the main road.

  • there are whisperings of making Random Movie Nights at nexuscrawler's place a more regular thing, which could be cool. We also do Chaos in the Old World when No-Quarter turns up, which is pretty boss.

  • Also there is some talk from Drez and Deebaser about beergardening in Astoria. (hey whatever you wanna do with beer is cool with me man)-- anyone got a date and a location?
  • More loose talk, this time from Bogart about some weddin' or somethin'. In the words of Mr.Tom Waits, "I don't mind goin' to weddings, long as they aren't my own, I'll show up...." More info when there's more info to be had...

Previous events:
  • Saturday, July 17th! Mikeman's goodbye party at nexuscrawler's house.
    pictures here!

As plans get put together the OP will be edited accordingly... Keep us posted!

tapeslinger on


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